10 Best Healthy Foods In The World You Can Eat

Welcome to our article on the 10 best healthy foods in the world you can eat, if your looking for a healthier lifestyle or just looking to make your body feel better overall then this article is for you.

10. Lemons

10 Best Healthy Foods In The World You Can Eat

Each lemon you consume has roughly 120% of your daily intake of Vitamin C that has the power to help increase good cholesterol and help strengthen your bones.

Lemons can be consumed with many foods including salads, fresh fish like scampi and cod and even in deserts such as lemon cheesecake and lemon torte.

Another great fact about lemons is their ability to help stop the growth of certain cancer cells and also act as an anti-inflamitory.

If you suffer from Mosquito bites abroad, make sure you pick up a Mosquito spray that contains lemon fragrence…. these bloodsuckers hate it!

They are one of the best Healthy Foods you can eat period!

9. Broccoli

10 Best Healthy Foods In The World You Can Eat

That age old vegetable that goes extremely well with a British Sunday Lunch, Broccoli is also good for your body’s consumption of vitamin K and each stalk contain more than 100% of your daily intake.

This green vegetable is also one of your best sources for Vitamin C as each stalk contains over 200% of your daily intake and the vegetable can also help keep several known cancers at bay.

Brocoli is also much healthier if its microwaved, as other methods such as boiling or steaming can destroy the much needed nutrients.

Another one of the great Healthy Foods to keep you alive and healthy!

8. Dark Chocolate

10 Best Healthy Foods In The World You Can Eat

One food that is often overlooked in the hunt for healthy options is Dark Chocolate and this food is full of good flavonoids and antioxidants that can reduce blood pressure and high cholesterol.

The higher value coccoa chocolate may also lower the risk of Cardiovascular disiese, protect your skin against damage from the sun and help improve brain function.

Remember that a lot of chocolate on the market is actually bad for you so sourcing the correct dark chocolate and only eating a small amount at a time will work wonders for your body in the long term.

We bet you didn’t know this was one of the Healthy Foods on your radar!

7. Potatoes

10 Best Healthy Foods In The World You Can Eat

While white potatoes are good for you, red potatoes contain a large amount of cell building folate and each one contains the same amount as a cup of spinach and broccoli.

The red potatoes, or sweet potatoes as they are better known, are full of cancer fighting and immune system boosting Vitamin A, topping up the amounts of this important Vitamin that you need every day.

6. Salmon

10 Best Healthy Foods In The World You Can Eat

Salmon is a food that most people love, unless your a vegetarian of course and this type of fish is rich in Omega-3 oils which have been linked to a reduced risk of depression, heart disease, and cancer.

This oily fish also contains a decent amount of Niacin which has been linked to heping prevent Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss.

Wilad Salmon is always much better than Farm raised and its best to avoid the latter wherever possible, but expect the price to increse with this choice.

5. Walnuts

10 Best Healthy Foods In The World You Can Eat

Here is an interesting fact, walnuts actually contain more omega-3 oils than most fish and have been ranked as the top food for these oils on the planet.

One of the easiest ways to consume walnuts is to have some with your desert or just before bed as they contain an anti-oxidant that helps to regulate sleep.

4. Avocados

10 Best Healthy Foods In The World You Can Eat

Why not try one of the best foods ever for reducing heart disease. The Avocado has been proven to contain more than half the fibre and 40 percent of the folate you need daily.

Adding this super-food to your salads for lower cholesterol and a healthier lifestyle by letting your body absorb key nutrients.

3. Garlic

10 Best Healthy Foods In The World You Can Eat

Considered to be one of the best disease fighting foods on the planet, you can add garlic to almost anything.

It has the power to inhibit the growth of most bacteria including E. coli and contains a compound that is proven to lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

Garlic is also a powerful anti-inflammatory food and has been proven to help in many medical fields.

2. Spinach

10 Best Healthy Foods In The World You Can Eat

Looking for a vegetable thats one of the best for fighting cancer? Then look no further than Spinach as research suggests its now one of the best!

This super-food also contains two antioxidants which have been proven to enhance eye health.

Spinach can be added to many different dishes and you can even add it to certain drinks such as milkshakes.

1. Beans

10 Best Healthy Foods In The World You Can Eat

If your looking to lower your chances of getting heart disease by around 22% then look no further than beans, peas or lentils.

Both light and dark beans are good, however the darker beans have been found to contain more antioxidants than white beans and they also help prevent breast cancer.

Great news for chilli con carne fans as this is one of the best dishes to cook both your light and dark beans, they can also be cooked in spaghetti bolognaise and vegetable lasange.

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