11 Expensive Things Owned By Sith Lord Darth Vader

Sith Lord Darth Vader had an estimated net worth of 400 million galactic credits, Vidello Productions is taking a look at 11 expensive fictional things he owned.

11. Suit of Armour

Darth Vader
Darth Vader owns his custom made suit of armour

Built to both keep Vader alive and to protect him from his enemies, this suit was physically constructed around Vader and contained Sith Alchemy to augment Vader’s severely diminished physical strength and vitality.

The suit contained many life support systems and negated the need for Vader to use a hover chair.

While the suit was uncomfortable to wear, Vader managed to re-train himself in light-saber combat, however he had to severely adapt his style.

Vader added a limited amount of insulation into the suit that would eventually help protect him against electrical discharges.

The suit allowed Vader to operate in many inhospitable environments and gave him advanced strength, sensory enhancements and upgraded stamina.

10. Bast Castle

Sith Lord Darth Vader

Located on the Acid Rain soaked planet of Vjun, this private fortress was one of the main recuperation sites for Vader when he wasn’t working on force choking people.

Very few people within the empire knew about the secret fortress and it was here where Vader taught himself much of the Dark-Sides Knowledge.

Located within the castle was a workshop and a private hanger where Vader would make improvements to his Advanced TIE Fighter.

Two other important features were both a Turbo-Laser and another meditation chamber used by Vader to continually heal his wounds.

In the center of the castle stood a massive statue in the form of Vader and this stood until the Castle was destroyed many years later.

9. Lightsaber

11 Expensive Things

Built after his fall to the Dark Side this light-saber was equipped with a dual-phase function, allowing the blade’s length to be manually controlled and altered in combat.

Built from Kyber Crystals, the blade color is red, the same as many of the Sith lords before him.

The light-saber was destroyed when the Death Star Mark 2 was blown up after the rebels destroyed it.

Vader was known to draw his lightsaber against other Jedi, however some non-Jedi were also exposed to its power although most were eventually killed by use of the force alone.

8. Devastator Star Destroyer

11 Expensive Things Owned By Sith Lord Darth Vader

One of the more powerful Imperial Star Destroyer’s, The Devastator was 1,600 meters long and it was initially armed with turbo-laser batteries, ion cannons, and several tractor beam projectors.

The ship was regularly upgraded as new technologies appeared and one very interesting feature was the ventral hangar within Devastator’s docking bay was split into two smaller sections, and the dorsal hangar featured a cover, so that the bays behind weren’t visible.

The ship had a total crew of around 50,000 and its mechanized divisions included up to 72 TIE Fighters, 20 AT-AT walkers and 15 Imperial Troop Transports.

The ship played a major part in the imperial Victory at Hoth, was for a time the Flagship of Darth Vader an was destroyed during the Battle of Endor.

7. Mustafar Hideout

11 Expensive Things Owned By Sith Lord Darth Vader

Known to be one of the only places that Vader felt comfortable while not on assignment with the Empire, his Mustafar hideout is complete with a regeneration chamber and many gravity supports to keep it from falling into the Lava.

The abode was located just across the lava river where he fought and lost to Obi-Wan and the chamber looks out over the exact site.

The fork-shaped building was used many times to torture and execute captured Jedi after the issue of order 66.

Not much more is known about the building or its cost.

6. Coruscant Fortress Retreat

11 Expensive Things Owned By Sith Lord Darth Vader

Not much is known about Darth Vader’s Coruscant Fortress Retreat, but what we do know is that it was built directly under Vader’s authorization and was located in the northern hemisphere on the shoreline of the Great Western Sea.

The fortress was destroyed by the new republic and was later discovered by Luke Skywalker who partially re-built and later destroyed it during his crisis of faith with the force.

While the building was built using funds from Vader’s Personal Bank Account, its unknown if he ever lived there.

5. Darth Vader’s Palace

11 Expensive Things Owned By Sith Lord Darth Vader

Located in the Imperial Center of Coruscant, this massive building belonged directly to Darth Vader and was the same height as the Emperor’s Imperial Palace, however that was larger overall.

Many of the interior furnishings were made from Greel Wool and Vader displayed no treasures or artifacts inside.

The Palace houses a Hyperbaric chamber which is used by Vader to meditate and use the dark-side to heal his damaged body.

One of the most impending features of the tower were the levels of security contained both inside and out.

Security features included surveillance and spy systems that could detect conversations from anywhere in the building and these could even monitor facial movements.

A series of body language experts were also employed to monitor people coming and going from the building at all times.

4. Executor Star Dreadnought

11 Expensive Things Owned By Sith Lord Darth Vader

The Executor Star Dreadnoughts were some of the largest and most powerful ships ever created and were often referred to as super star destroyers.

The Executor was the Flagship of Darth Vader and featured weaponry similar to that found on the defenses of the Death Star.

Its thought roughly 12 of these ships were created using the funds from the Galactic Empires Secret Weapons Program.

Only one of the ships survived the galactic war and the current estimated cost for building one is unknown… let us know down below what you think.

3. Experimental TIE fighter

11 Expensive Things Owned By Sith Lord Darth Vader

As seen in several movies, Darth Vader had access to his very own experimental personal TIE fighter.

The ship featured a solar ionization reactor and paired twin ion engines with an original space-frame and elongated rear deck with reinforced durasteel-alloy hull.

One of the more advanced features on the fighter was the use of “bent-wing” solar array wings, which had the advantages of increased surface area for more power while also reducing the craft’s profile.

The 9.2 meter-long craft had twin heavy laser cannons in a front-mounted position, as well as a cluster missile launcher and In addition to its shields, it had a modest Class 4.0 hyperdrive but lacked life support systems, requiring Vader to wear his helmet at all times.

2. Sentinel Base

11 Expensive Things Owned By Sith Lord Darth Vader

Located on a moon in the Outer Rim’s Arkanis sector, this facility was a prefabricated garrison base and was used to support the building of the death star.

It was originally commanded by Vice Admaril Rancit however he was later replaced by Moff Willhuf Tarkin.

The base had some significance in that it was an important outer-lying strategic garrison and was protected round the clock by the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Core Envoy.

The price of construction for the base is unknown.

1. Death Star

11 Expensive Things Owned By Sith Lord Darth Vader

Known officially as the DS-1 Battle station and Constructed at the beginning of Rouge 1, this mammoth planet destroying ship was one of the most costly things jointly owned by Darth Vader and the Galactic Empire.

Various sources state the first Death Star has a diameter of between 87 and 100 miles and had roughly 357 internal levels.

The station’s command bridge was located in the northern hemisphere above the dish of the station’s super-laser.

Connected to this was an over-bridge that featured designated posts for Tarkin and other officers, a conference room featuring a circular table, a HoloNet booth for communicating with the Emperor and large banks of view-screens.

Many of the stations docking ports were located at the central equator that also included the highly powerful tractor beam generator tower.

Other ridiculous stats include, 191 billion light-bulbs, a general staff of 1.7 million people and a super sized garbage compacter.

Overall its thought the Death Star cost the galactic empire somewhere in the region of £852 Octillion Pounds…. that’s a number with 15 zeros on the end.

The running costs would equal that per year so Darth Vader was either very rich or very clever.

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