8 Ways To Earn Free Money In 2022

8 Ways To Earn Free Money In 2022

Everyone dreams of making a residual income come true, getting paid free money to sleep, travelling wherever you want, whenever you want, eating in the nicest restaurants and staying in the best hotels.

But the world of making free money is tough… Real tough, some might say it’s almost impossible without the right ideas, and although that is true, you can also create brand new ideas to solve some of those ever lasting problems and in-turn, make yourself a multi-millionaire.

One of the greatest feelings in the world comes too anyone when they make a lot of money, and what is that feeling you ask?  Well it’s just that, it’s the feeling of making a profit and being successful, one of the greatest feelings on Earth!

Some of us have friends and family we have to thank for making us some money and others have made it on their own.  I personally have my friend Steve Ames to thank for this idea, as without him it would never have come to pass.

Remember that whatever you take away from reading this, it’s all designed to open your mind, help you along your yellow brick road and conquer whatever made you read it in the first place!

So what are we waiting for?  It’s time to take a deep dive into 8 Ways To Earn Free Money In 2022

8 – Start a YouTube Channel & Earn Free Money

8 Ways To Earn Free Money In 2022

Created back in 2003, The video sharing website YouTube has become not only the biggest online video sharing website, but also the best to earn money on!

Some people earn small amounts of money, anywhere between $50 and $500 a month where as others who really put the time and effort into their channel’s are now making millions each year!

Making free money on YouTube is done through Google advertisements that appear on both the start and end of the video if its 10 minutes or longer.
Each of these adverts pays a miniscule amount, let’s say five cent per ad impression and around.

While you are there, make sure to subscribe to MRBEAST who gives away millions to his subscribers each month.

7. Vocal.Media

8 Ways To Earn Free Money In 2022

If you have a knack for writing any type of articles then vocal.media is one platform that is definitely worth considering, especially with myself earning over $2500 in free money.

The platform pays $3.50 per 1000 views on written content and if you upgrade to their converted Vocal+ subscription, you can expect over $6.00 per 1000 views.

The service is also creating new features where you can follow creators and create your own channel pages and take part in contests.

6. Pi Network

8 Ways To Earn Free Money In 2022

The Pi network is an up and coming  crypto currency network that has been described as a follow up to Bitcoin.

While the coin has not yet launched on an exchange, prices are already over the $0.35 mark and users mine Pi on their mobile phones through an app and can I vote users to join their security circle to help secure the network and one day earn free money when the coin launches on exchanges.

5. LBRY Content Freedom

8 Ways To Earn Free Money In 2022

Another one for video creators, LBRY by content freedom is a video service that allows users to earn LBC, a crypto currency that is associated with the platform.

They also offer a very generous sign up reward, with YouTubers able to earn free money between $11.78 and $824 depending on the size of their channel, however a minimum of 1000 subscribers is required.

The dedicated rewards program offers the chance to earn extra currency by inviting others, sharing content, watching videos and claiming a monthly award.

8 Ways To Earn Free Money In 2022

4. Coinbase Trading

8 Ways To Earn Free Money In 2022

If you have a substantial amount of free money to invest then trading crypto currency on coinbase could be for you.

I have made several hundred pounds over the last few weeks and it’s worth a shot if you have the patiencem, simply signup, deposit some crypto into your account and begin trading.

Be warned however, that while the profits are wonderful, the drops and losses can also be brutal… Patience is definitely key to earn free money with this one!

3. eBay Selling

8 Ways To Earn Free Money In 2022

Selling on eBay is another way to make a decent income online from the comfort of your own home.

Keeping on-top of orders and looking after your customers is essential on this site and you can even arrange for delivery drivers to come and collect your items if you are too busy to venture to the post office.

2. Amazon Selling 

8 Ways To Earn Free Money In 2022

Just like eBay, Amazon is another great way to earn an extra income online, however with Amazon it is even better!

They have the FBA program that lets sellers ship their entire stockpile to their warehouse and have Amazon handle packing and shipping of items automatically.

Even average sellers can make thousands using this platform and you can sign up by clicking HERE.

1. COIN GPS Mining 

8 Ways To Earn Free Money In 2022

A new way of earning crypto currency this time and the COIN APP lets you mine while on the move using your devices GPS location.

While the rewards do require some work, they are pretty decent when you achieve a target.

They include Bitcoin, Games Consoles, Portable Speakers, Portable Chargers, Apple Airpods, T-shirts, Apple Watches and more.

The app has 2 sets of premium account for those that are always on the move and other features on free accounts let you earn coins faster!

Overall it’s a decent app that will, over time allow you to build a small empire of crypto currency.

8 Ways To Earn Free Money In 2022

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