Adolf Hitler And 10 Expensive Things He Previously Owned

Adolf Hitler was one of the worst dictators in world history with a net worth of £10 million dollars when he died, today we look at 10 expensive interesting things previously owned by Adolf Hitler.

Adolf Hitler And 10 Expensive Things He Previously Owned


10 – The Eagles Nest

Adolf Hitler And 10 Expensive Things He Previously Owned

Completed in 1938 and sitting high above the Obersalzberg, is a former Third Reich building that was once used by Adolf Hitler during World War 2 and was gifted to him by Martin Borman as a 50th birthday present also known as Kehlsteinhaus.

The structure features a fully equiped stainless steel kitchen, large car park, entry tunnel, gold elevator, heated floors and a large reception room.

The building was thought to be one of a number of headquaters used by Adolf Hitler during the war and was also the site of a wedding reception for Eva Braun’s sister Gretl in 1944.

It is thought that during its construction its thought the price paid at the time was 3 million marks or the equivilent of 150 million Euro’s in 2007.

Today the building is used as a tourist information site, restaurant and beer garden.

9 – Cutlery Set

Adolf Hitler And 10 Expensive Things He Previously Owned

Adolf Hitler is said to have owned a large number of cutlery sets, some made from gold and these often had both his initials and insignia engraved onto them.

Some of the cutlery sets discovered include everything from Knives, Forks, Spoons and even a gravy ladle.

Other items discovered include formal napkins, napkin rings and special serving spoons that would be used on various buffets.

Its thought that many of the discoveries were found hidden in Hitler’s homes while some were stolen and only discovered years later.

It has been hard to set a price on the items, however, each individual piece of cutlery can expect to sell for between $4000 and $8000 dollars.

8 – Wine Glasses

Adolf Hitler And 10 Expensive Things He Previously Owned

Etched with both the initials and insignias, these glasses were apparently used at all formal dinners attended by Adolf Hitler.

The glasses feature the eagle symbol of the regime and they are thought to have been siezed in Hitlers Berlin bunker where he died at the end of the war.

It’s thought that the glasses may well have been used by Hitler on many occasions and could sell at auction for somewhere in the region of $11,000 dollars.

7 – World Globe

Adolf Hitler And 10 Expensive Things He Previously Owned

Designed specifically for Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party, this globe is also known by a numbe of names including The Columbus Globe for State and Industry Leaders, Hitlers Globe or The Fuhrer Globe.

The globe was comissioned in the 1930’s and spent much of its time sitting in Hitlers Office in the Reich Chancellery Building.

Several of the globes have survived the war and although they sustained some damage during their capture, many do still exist in museums today.

It is unclear if Hitler ever used the globe as it does not appear in any picture with him, however it was ordered moved from the old Chancellery Building to the new one in 1939.

The globe was alwats seen as a representation for his desire of world conquest and in 2007 a globe was sold for a record price of $100,000 dollars in the USA.

6 – FuhrerBunker

Adolf Hitler And 10 Expensive Things He Previously Owned

Built under the new Reich Chancellery building, this multi-level bunker was one of the biggest underground bunkers in Nazi Germany.

The bunker was so large that it had to be completed in two seperate stages and became the main headquaters of the party when Hitler moved into the Bunker on the 16th January 1945.

It was the site where he not only married Eva Braun but also took his own life after realising that the war against the allies was lost.

The lower part of the Bunker was situated about 28 feet below the gardens of the Reich Chancellery and contained living quaters as well as living quaters for someof the most trusted people in the regime.

The Vorbunker, or forward bunker, was located higher up and was for administration and included the housing areas for many SS guards stationed in the complex.

The cost of completing the entire complex is thought to have been around 1.5 million Reichsmarks.

5 – Art Collection

Adolf Hitler And 10 Expensive Things He Previously Owned

In the years leading up to the outbreak of World War 2, Adolf Hitler was a dedicated painter and produced hundreds of works that he later sold to earn a living while residing in Vienna.

The art collection is thought to be worth millions of dollars with some of the smaller collections sellign for upwards of $100,000 dollars.

It is estimated that he produced between 500 and 600 paintings and, given the average find sells for around $40,000 dollars, this would put a price tag on the entire collection of roughly $24 million dollars.

Hitler also had many paintings stolen from countries across Europe during the war, many of those paintings are still missing to this day.

4 – Gold

Adolf Hitler And 10 Expensive Things He Previously Owned

Located and plundered from every corner of Europe and beyond, Adolf Hitler once controlled the largest amount of gold reserves in the known world.

Some of these gold reserves are still mising to this day and it was revealed a large collection was stored in Merkers Salt Mines.

At the beginning of World War 2, Hitler plundered around $71 million dollars worth of stolen gold.

During the peak of the war, this increased on a massive scale to fund the German war effort and totals of up to $550 million dollars worth of gold were siezed by the regieme.

Gold laundering was well practiced by the German’s during the war and a large part of the fortune lies waiting to be discovered or has already been melted down and re-distributed.

3 – Mein Kampf

Adolf Hitler And 10 Expensive Things He Previously Owned

Written by Hitler after he was improsoned by an attempted coup in 1933, this political manifesto and autobiography follows Hitler’s plans for Germany after his release.

The book was originally only going to be one version, however it soon became clear that another volume would need to be published.

Sales from the book were used to pay his legal fees and later would go on to earn him a fortune that would be used to pay for both houses and cars.

Intrestingly, the book was actually re-published in 2016 after the copywrite held by the Bavarian Government expired.

2 – Berghof Residence

Adolf Hitler And 10 Expensive Things He Previously Owned

Another one of the famous commanc centers and personal residences of Adolf Hitler, The Berghof Residence is located in Obersalzberg in the Bavarian Alps.

The complex was re-built and expanded in 1935 and was to be Hitler’s vacation residence for 10 years before it was destroyed by retreating SS troops in 1946 and pulled down by Allied troops in 1962.

The complex features a large terrace, entrance hall, dining room, great hall, telephone switchboard and library.

Many guests visited the house before and during the war including the Duke and Duchess of Windsor in 1937 and Bernito Mussolini in 1941.

1 – Mercedes Benz Car

Adolf Hitler And 10 Expensive Things He Previously Owned

Adolf Hitler owned one of the most expensive and now, most famous cars Mercedes Benz ever produced in Germany.

The car was extremelly expensive to run but was used on many occasions including military visits to conquered capital cities.

The Mercedes 770 was also known as the Grober Mercedes or Large Mercedes and was a successor to the Mercedes-Benz type 630.

The car was powered by an eight in-line cylinder engine which could produce 155 break horsepower and was one of seven cars used by Adolf Hitler when he was Fuhrer.

Adolf Hitler And 10 Expensive Things He Previously Owned

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