Bitcoin Price Live – Track The Bitcoin Price To $1 Million

The Bitcoin Price is now well on the way to $1 Million dollars, with many investors becoming millionaires in the last week, now you too can track the Bitcoin Price Live below!

> $38500 <

The above prices are in USD and update every 10 seconds, please note that price rallies may sometimes cause outages in either the website or the servers where the live updates are hosted.

Why Is Bitcoin Going Up So Quickly?

bitcoin price live

Since the halving back in July, the scarcity of bitcoin has become a reality and the as the price rises, the profitability of mining becomes more lucrative, pushing the price up further and well on the way to $30,000 at the time of writing.

Many people are also hoarding bitcoin and checking the Bitcoin Price Live on a daily basis creating a serious amount of hype that is causing further price increases.

PayPal Introduction Has Helped The Bitcoin Price?

When PayPal announced that it would be letting its user buy and sell Bitcoin on the platform, whicj was also seen as a step towards mainstream adoption and the fact that so many places are now accepting it.

When Paypal announced the adoption of the currency, the Bitcoin Price exploded and went up several thousand dollars in a matter of hours.

Will Amazon Begin Accepting Bitcoin In 2021?

bitcoin price 2021

Many people have speculated that Amazon will begin accepting Bitcoin in some form during 2021 and it is another reasopn for the incredible price rises with some estimating as early as March for the incorporation of the Currency onto the platform.

Many of Amazon’s price listings may also appear next to USD or GBP prices as a Bitcoin price and directly allow users to deposit BTC into their Amazon balances through the top-up service.

What Will The Bitcoin Price Be At The End of 2021?

bitcoin price 2021

With Bitcoin alredy close to the $30,000 dollar mark, and a crash expected when this is reached, the price of Bitcoin in December 2021 is expected to be close to the $100,000 dollar mark, maybe even higher.

The price of Bitcoin has always been higher after Christmas Day and has usually doubled since the last christmas day.

What Will The Bitcoin Price Be At The End of 2022?

bitcoin price 2022

With prices already over-inflated in 2021’s crazyness, the price of Bitcoin is expected to inflate further in 2022, possibly heading towards the $250,000 dollar mark and hitting that all imortant half a million!

World adoption should be well on the way to being achieved for the Bitcoin at this point with several major world banks and most websites accepting the currency.

What Will The Bitcoin Price Be At The End of 2023?

bitcoin price 2023

With just over 6 months to go before the 2024 halving, an event expected to increase the Bitcoin Price by 50%, the price of Bitcoin is expected to be between $410,000 and $500,000 dollars at this point.

2023 Is expected to be another great year for adoption and Bitcoin and maybe even some other crypto currency’s are expected to be accepted by Amazon at this point.

What Will The Bitcoin Price Be At The End of 2024?

bitcoin price 2024

All eyes will be on the Bitcoin Price Live at this point as the halving will have happened and the 4-year Christmas rally will be upon us.

If Bitcoin is to hit that coverted $1,000,000 dollar mark, then 2024 or just over into 2025 will be the year that it succeeds in this challenge.

Complete world adoption is now expoected by this point and if the Bitcoin hits $ million dollars in 2024, its market cap could easily be on the way to $1 Quintillion dollars.

How Do I Get Into Bitcoin Before It Hits $1 Million?

coinbase buy and sell bitcoin

There are many ways to get into the world of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and there are some links below to some of the places and currency’s I use and have made money on in the past:

COINBASE – The world leader in buying and selling Bitcoin, you can link your bank account and buy tiny bits or large bits of Bitcoin here and its 100% safe to do so, just make sure you enable 2-Factor Authentication!

Coinbase also allows you to earn a free $180 in cryptocurrency by completing lessons in the following crypto’s and more with a free account:


Pi Network – Dubbed the new Bitcoin, The Pi Network is fast becoming one of the best crypto’s that you can mine on your phone and it already has over 10 million users, 1 Pi is thought to be worth between $5 and $10 dollars.

You need an invitation to join the Pi Network and you can use my code completely free : (Invite Code: Vidello)

The price of Bitcoin is surely only going to go up and now is the best time ever to get into the hype, remember to check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more information on Bitcoin coming in the near future!

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