Cameron Winklevoss Net Worth, Lifestyle, Wiki, And Latest

Cameron Winklevoss is an American Entrepreneur, Cryptocurrency enthusiast, Angel Investor and Philanthropist, today we take a look at his net worth and lifestyle.


NAME: Cameron Howard Winklevoss
OCCUPATION: Crypto Investor & Philanthropist
BIRTHDAY: 21st August 1981
SOURCE OF WEALTH: Cryptocurrency


Cameron Winklevoss Net Worth
Cameron Winklevoss Net Worth

Born in Southampton, New York, and raised in Greenwich, Connecticut, Cameron Winklevoss was a big fan of Lego and playing various musical instruments.

At a young age, Cameron demonstrated a pattern of teamwork with his brother Tyler and by the age of 13 he had taught himself HTML coding and build a web-page company.

Attending the Greenwich Country Day School before attending Brunswick High School, Cameron Winklevoss studied Latin, Ancient Greek and co-founded the crew rowing program with his brother.

He enrolled at Harvard University in 2000 where he majored in economics and graduated in 2004.

Entering the Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford in 2009, he later obtained an MBA in 2010 and and rowed in the Blue Boat in the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race.


Cameron Winklevoss Net Worth, Lifestyle, Wiki, And Latest

Cameron Winklevoss owns a large home in the Los Angeles area that is located in the popular Bird Streets area high above L.A.’s Sunset Strip.

The home features 8,000 square feet of space, 5 bedrooms with 7 full and 2 half bathrooms.

Originally costing him and his brother Tyler $18 million dollars, the home features inter-connected living spaces, glass walls and a lounge area with built-in wet-bar.

Cameron and his brother recently put the home up for lease with the monthly asking price set at $150,000 dollars per month.


Cameron Winklevoss Net Worth, Lifestyle, Wiki, And Latest

Cameron Winklevoss co-founded the Gemini Bitcoin Exchange with his brother Tyler in 2014 and its thought he owns roughly 89,000 Bitcoins.

In 2016 Gemini became the worlds first licensed Ethereum exchange and the company holds much of its Bitcoin long term holdings in offline storage to avoid risk.

Gemini was also the first exchange to launch Bitcoin futures contracts in 2017 and allows users to change their Bitcoins into Fiat Currency.


Cameron Winklevoss Net Worth, Lifestyle, Wiki, And Latest

Initially beginning his career i Rowing at the age of 15, Cameron Winklevoss rowed at both Harvard University and Cambridge University.

He made the United States Junior National Rowing Team in 1999 and competed at the World Rowing Junior Championships in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

In 2002 Cameron, his brother Tyler and their friend and classmate Divya Narendra created the idea for Harvard Connection, a social network that would be aimed at university students.

After hiring fellow student Mark Zuckerberg to work on the project, ConnectU, as the project was re-named, sued Zuckerberg for allegedly breaking an oral contract with them.

Cameron Winklevoss has taken part in a number of events in the rowing scene including the 2007 pan Olympic games and the 2008 Olympic Games.

He took part in both the 2009 Rowing World Cup winning a bronze medal and won a silver and gold medal in the 2007 Pan American Games.

Cameron Winklevoss founded Winklevoss Capital Management in 2012 alongside his brother, Tyler and currently invests across multiple asset classes.

WCM is currently headquartered in New York City and has investments in Protocol Labs and helped fundraise for Filecoin in 2017.


Cameron Winklevoss Net Worth, Lifestyle, Wiki, And Latest

Cameron Winklevoss has most recently been dating Brazilian Model Natalia Beber who has close to 8200 followers on Instagram


Cameron Winklevoss Net Worth, Lifestyle, Wiki, And Latest

Cameron has been seen holidaying in Ibiza where he initially learnt about Bitcoin.

He is often seen flying private and stays in the most exclusive hotels when travelling, yet drives a cheap SUV when on the road.

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