Chris Jaszczynski Net Worth, Lifestyle, Wiki, Family And Latest

Chris Jaszczynski is the creator of the MMCrypto YouTube Channel and joint creator of and MMConsult Message with over 400,000 subscribers on YouTube and 1000’s of daily video views and a large Bitcoin Investment portfolio.


Chris Jaszczynski Net Worth, Lifestyle, Wiki, Family And Latest

NAME: Christopher Jaszczynski
OCCUPATION: Cryptocurrency Investor
SOURCE OF WEALTH: Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency


Chris Jaszczynski Net Worth, Lifestyle, Wiki, Family And Latest

Chris attended Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in 2015 where he earned a distinction in Investment Managment and later moved to Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Economics.

He next moved to The University of Nicosia where he completed a DFIN511 in Digital Currencies and finally attended The University of Münster, achieving a Master of Science in Managment and Economics.


Chris Jaszczynski Net Worth

Chris Jaszczynski currently lives in Dubai and has a large house located on The Palm Island which he travells to and from each day.

Chris has shown his home on his YouTube Channel several times and it includes his very own command center where he conducts all his trading and stores his NFT’s.

His home includes a large living area and kitchen downstairs, private office in a side wing and has several balcony’s with its own private beach out the front.


chris mmcrypto
chris mmcrypto

Its currently unknown exactly which cars Chris Jaszczynski currently owns, however he has been seen in a number of high end cars including a Ferrari, Blue Bentley and Rolls Royce Dawn.

He has also been spotted out and about in Dubai driving a Lamborghini Aventador and top of the range Mercedes Benz.


Chris Jaszczynski lifestyle

Chris Jaszczynski has a number of work related projects, however his main job is being self employed while managing his Bitcoin trades on a daily Basis.

He is an early investor in a number of projects including Bounty0x, Wanchain, WaBi Project, and is a media partner with HYGH AG and was a visiting consultant for Fischer Konrad GmbH from April to August 2017.

Apart from being invested in many Crypto Projects, Chris Jaszczynski is the Co-Founder of MMCrypto, a community launched to evaluate Blockchain StartUps that has over 10,000 investors combined in Telegram Groups.

He runs a popular Cryptocurrency YouTube Channel by the same name and posts daily videos on the price of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency and gives his thoughts on where the market is going to move.

Other projects within MMCrypto include Advisory’s, Exchange Listings, Market Makers, Venture Capitalists and Interviews.

His weekly YouTube views often top 3 million and he has gained over 400,000 subscribers and over 91,000 followers on Instagram with a verified account.


Chris Jaszczynski age

Chris Jaszczynski has a number of friends in the Cryptocurrency and YouTube space, including Davinci Jeremie, Saygin Yalcin, Christian Schroeder, Mo Vlogs, Kevin Kuranyi and Matthias Mende.


Chris Jaszczynski wiki

Chris Jaszczynski does not hide the fact that he lives the luxurious Dubai lifestyle, eating out in high-end restaurants and driving fast cars with well known YouTuber’s and billionaires.

He is often seen being driven in his very own coach-bus and has a private jet on stand-by whenever he needs to go to a different country and often takes helicopter rides to and from the airport.

His Bitcoin Investment Lifestyle has taken him all over the world, to place ssuch as Russia, United Kingdom, France, United States, Brazil,

He has been featured in Forbes Magazine as well as on and CNBC and even owns a pair of gold sunglasses and a gold watch.

Chris Jaszczynski Net Worth, Lifestyle, Wiki, Family And Latest

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