Chumlee Net Worth, Lifestyle, Biography, Wiki, Family And More

Austin Lee Russell, better known by his stage name Chumlee, is an American businessman and reality television personality, today we look at his net worth and lifestyle.

CHUMLEE NET WORTH – $5,000,000

NAME: Austin Lee Russell
BIRTHDAY: 8th September 1982
SOURCE OF WEALTH: Television Work
PLACE OF RESIDENCE: Las Vegas, United States


Chumlee net worth

Born on September 8, 1982 and growing up in Henderson, Nevada, Austin Russell aquired the nickname Chumlee when he was 12 years old thanks to his plarge face and chin.

He became good friends with Corey Harrison, who’s father owns the famous Gold Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, in his early years and the two are still best friends to this day.


Chumlee house

Known as the party palace of Las Vegas, this massive home was purchased by Chumlee just off the Las Vegas Strip and includes 13,000-square-feet of space, nine-bedrooms and eight-bathrooms.

The home has a guesthouse for friends to stay and the large pool area is great for entertainment with a movie-game room and a lounge with dance pole.

The home comes with its own professional walk-in vault and was sold after a police raid on the property in 2016 for a cool $1,383,700 dollars.


Chumlee Net Worth, Lifestyle, Biography, Wiki, Family And More

Chumlee began working in the Las Vegas Pawn industry at the age of just 21 and worked at the pawn shop for five years before filming the first series of the reality show in 2009.

He did many normal jobs including testing items, writing documents and loading items.

Often referred to as the villiage idiot of the shop with lack of intelligence, the Chumlee net worth is actually sizeable and his expertise in pinball machines is almost un-rivaled.

He formed hsi own company as a result of the shows success and opend up his own candy store in downtown Las Vegas.

He also starred alongside best friend Corey Harrison, in the episode “iLost My Head in Vegas”, on the American TV series iCarly and sold his stake in the pawn shop business for $155,000 dollars.


Chumlee cars

With a net worth of over $5 million, a merchandise line and his own part in the family pawn business, Chumlee also has his own fleet of expensive cars.

He owns an amazing black Maserati Gran Turismo, expensive Rolls Royce Phantom and a Lowrider-style 1964 Impala.

Other cars in his impressive collection include a Cadillac Escalade, a Range Rover and his day to day driving car of choice is a Ford Fusion.


Chumlee Net Worth, Lifestyle, Biography, Wiki, Family And More

Chumlee’s father’s died at the age of 54 from pancreatic cancer, two weeks before Pawn Stars debuted and this was one of the reasons for a complete change in his lifestyle.

He recently got engaged to Fiancee Olivia Rademann and the wedding is set to be held in Hawaii with a meal out at his favorite restaurant after he popped the question.


Chumlee Net Worth, Lifestyle, Biography, Wiki, Family And More

Chumlee’s best friend is fellow Pawn Star Corey harrison and they have been friends since they were 10 years old, growing up together.

He is also great friends with Corey’s father Rick Harrison and works with him on the TV series.


Chumlee Net Worth, Lifestyle, Biography, Wiki, Family And More

Chumlee has an interesting passion for collecting trainers and he is said to have collected over 200 pairs.

He is known for his party lifestyle and often threw large parties at his former home in Las Vegas for over 300 people.

He was previously arrested on gun and drug charges in Las Vegas and the more serious charge was later dropped after he agreed to three years probation on the misdemeanor charge.

Some of his other favorite past-times include skateboarding, collecting Pokemon Cards, video games and various sports.

He loves punk music and rap music while his favorite TV shows include Boardwalk Empire, Sons of Anarchy, and Breaking Bad.

He spent 6 days a week in the gym and altered his diet to loose over 75 lb (34 kg) while eating vegetables and abstaining from red meat.

The most insane purchase he ever made on Pawn Stars was buying a Hovercraft.

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