Dogecoin Set To Hit $1 as Price Prediction Hits $50

Meme Cryptocurrency Dogecoin looks set to rocket to $1 after one insane Dogecoin Price Prediction could see it hitting $50 by 2025.

Dogecoin Soars

Dogecoin Set To Hit $1 as Price Prediction Hits $50

In the last few days, one cryptocurrency has been noticed more than most and Dogecoin looks set to take huge strides to a record $1 price tag in the very near future.

Doge took its first large jumps several months ago after being endorsed by Space X boss Elon Musk and rocketed to over $0.06 in a matter of days.

Now Dogecoin is on the rise again after several more tweets from celebrities including the real Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort and even sports billionaire Mark Cuban has purchased Dogecoin.

With more company’s and individuals now singing its praises, the price has begun to rocket to record breaking prices, making millionaires overnight and fueling a further rise to double digit figures.

Where It All Began

Dogecoin Set To Hit $1 as Price Prediction Hits $50

Created by software engineers Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer fro IBM and Adobe, the coin was initially a joke cryptocurrency that was created as a fun and alternate payment system.

Doge jumped from $0.00026 to $0.00095 on the 19th December 2013, a rise of over 300% and by 2017 Dogecoin had reached $0.017 thanks to the cryptocurrency bubble that same year.

Several online exchanges now list Dogecoin as one of their primary coins including online trading platform Robinhood and a price index listing on Coinbase.

The cryptocurrency has a large community including on reddit where a campaign to get it to $1 has been on-going for some time.

Several YouTube stars now cover the rise and falls of the coins price on a daily basis and several channels have sprung up to cover just Doge and no other cryptocurrency.

$1 By The Middle of 2021?

Dogecoin Set To Hit $1 as Price Prediction Hits $50

With massive price rises over the last few days, the Dogecoin price predictions are in full swing, with some suggesting that it could top a $1 market value by the middle of 2021 and possibly even by the start of May.

When Dogecoin moves, it moves BIG and over 48 hours the price has risen considerably from $0.06 to as high as $0.34.

Many other factors are also pushing up these insane price predictions, including the possibility of a direct trading listing on Coinbase.

Many sites have Doge prices higher than this by the end of the year where it could easily be sitting at even $3 or $5 dollars depending on how much adoption has been achieved.

$50 or More By 2025?

Dogecoin Set To Hit $1 as Price Prediction Hits $50

One theory to the insane price rises, is that Dogecoin may become the cryptocurrency of Mars when Elon musk finally lands humans on the planet in the next few years.

Wild price speculation has broken out with some community members and YouTuber’s saying it will easily hit a $50 price by the year 2025.

Other more crazy speculations have the price at $50 by the end of this year and it will be interesting to see where the price goes over the next few months.

Dogecoin Adoption Incoming?

Dogecoin Set To Hit $1 as Price Prediction Hits $50

Several places have begun to adopt Doge as a world-wide cryptocurrency including a nightclub in Miami and even the Dallas Mavericks on their merchandise side.

Elon Musk, of course, has said that he has purchased a large amount of the cryptocurrency for his daughter, naming her a Toddler Hodler and has also hinted that Tesla could soon accept Dogecoin.

A number of other places also accept Doge as a payment and include Burger Bear, Salts Worldwide and travel company Veloleo.

Other financial institutions such as the Rothschild Greyscale foundations are now taking notice of the coin and could also invest as future prices rise.

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