Ellen Hoog Net Worth, Lifestyle, Boyfriend, Family And More

Ellen Hoog is a Dutch field hockey player. She became part of the national team in 2004, today we look at her Net Worth, Lifestyle, Boyfriend, Family And More


NAME: Ellen Marijn Hoog
OCCUPATION: Hockey Player
BIRTHDAY: 26th March 1986
PLACE OF RESIDENCE: Amsterdam, Netherlands


Ellen Hoog

Born in Bloemendaal, Netherlands, Ellen Hoog grew up in the area and is a Dutch field hockey player who grew up learning the sport at an early age.

Not much is known about her early life, however its understood she enrolled at the University of Amsterdam and graduated in the field of Media and Information Management.

She began her hockey career playing for Stichtse Cricket en Hockey Club in 2002 at seven years old.


Ellen Hoog Net Worth, Lifestyle, Boyfriend, Family And More

Hoog has had a varied international and national career and first played for the Netherlands national team in 2004.

She became European Champion in Dublin during her 2005 campaign and  the same year she won the Champions Trophy in Canberra with the Dutch national women’s team.

She won Olympic gold medals in 2008 and 2012 and a silver medal in 2016 and is a mamber of the Amsterdamsche Hockey & Bandy Club.

She has since played in 124 matches and has scored 32 goals while also part of the Dutch squad which won the 2006 Women’s Hockey World Cup.

She became the first player to decide a major championship match with a penalty shootout, taking the winning shot in the 2012 Summer Olympics semi-final against New Zealand.

This feat was repeated by Ellen Hoog during the 2016 summer olympic games against germany.

She is expected to compete with the Dutch National Team at the Rio Olympics when they get the go-ahead after the COVID-19 Pandemic.


Ellen Hoog Net Worth, Lifestyle, Boyfriend, Family And More

Ellen Hoog has modelled for Sports Illustrated in 2013 and is sponsored by Ritual Hockey.

She participated in a Charlies Angels photoshoot alongside Naomi van As and Sophie Polkamp.

There are thousands of photos of modeling shots online and a number of her hockey videos have gained an impressive amount of views on YouTube.

She has also done a number of brand advertisements for Nike and has been the face of the company at least once in the Netherlands as well as featuring on the front cover of FHM magazine.


Ellen Hoog Net Worth, Lifestyle, Boyfriend, Family And More

Ellen Hoog is good friends with fellow Dutch hockey players Maartje Paumen, Eva de Goede and coach Alyson Annan.

Other friends in her circle include Naomi van As, Sophie Polkamp, Anne Veenendaal, Josine Koning and Sanne Koolen.


Ellen Hoog Net Worth, Lifestyle, Boyfriend, Family And More

Ellen Hoog lost her father in 2005 when he passed away in 2005, one week after she won the European Championship.

Currently Unmarried, Hoog is in a deep relationship with her boyfriend named Kelvin and they currently have no children.


Ellen Hoog Net Worth, Lifestyle, Boyfriend, Family And More

As a personal ritual, before a hockey game she always makes sure to put the right shinguard before the left one.

She is known to watch the movie The Notebook with some of her teammates just before a big tournament or final match.

She is often in the gym during her off-time and enjoys running, swimming and Yoga sessions.

She has several active social media profiles with 198K followers on Instagram, 35.8K followers on Twitter and 188K followers on Facebook.

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