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10 Facts About The Largest And Deepest Holes In The World

Today Vidello Productions is taking a look at 10 facts about the largest and deepest holes in the world including mines and more!

10. Kimberly Diamond Mine

One of the deepest holes in the world is the Kimberly diamond mine.

The digging, for the extraction of diamond, started in mid-July 1871 and continued till 1914 with the labour force of 50,000 individuals who made use of picks and shovels.

The width of the Big Hole is over 450 meters, while the surface area covered is about 17 hectares (42 acres).

After having been dug up to 240 meters, the hole was then partially filled with debris, thus reducing its depth to about 215 meters.

9. Kola Super-deep Borehole

Winning the race to be the deepest hole on the planet is a 9 inch bore hole in Russia.

Named the Kola super-deep borehole, it is a series of mine shafts that branch out from one main shaft with the longest of these descending over 7.5 miles into the earth.

The odd thing about this borehole is that it had nothing to do with mining, it was simply constructed to see how far humans could dig in 1970.

8. Al Shaheen Oil Well

The Al Shaheen Oil Field is a production oil and gas field off the north east coast of Qatar in the Persian Gulf, 50 mi north of Doha.

The oil field lies over the North Gas Field, one of the largest oil fields in the world and is currently owned by Maersk Oil Qatar.

The well was drilled incident free to a record measured depth of 40,320 ft in just 36 days and i currently the worlds deepest hole.

7. Chicxulub Meteor Crater

Did you know that this meteor crater hidden under the continent of mexico is not only over 93 miles wide but it is currently thought to have been left by the meteorite that wiped out the dinosaurs.

Its not the largest of craters found on earth however, with a crater in Australia being found recently with a size of over 250 miles and a date of 300 million years.

6. The Caspian Sea

The Caspian sea is technically not a sea but a lake, and currently the biggest salt-water lake on earth with a surface area of over 143,000 square miles.

Located between Europe and Asia, It is bounded to the north-east by Kazakhstan, to the north-west by Russia, to the west by Azerbaijan, to the south by Iran, and to the south-east by Turkmenistan.

Its northern part, the Caspian Depression, is one of the lowest points on Earth.

5. Lake Superior

Lake Superior is known as the largest fresh-water lake in North America and is shared by both the United States and Canada.

The lake is fed by over 200 rivers and the largest island in Lake Superior is Isle Royale in the state of Michigan

Lake Superior has been an important link in the Great Lakes Waterway, providing a route for the transportation of iron ore as well as grain and other mined and manufactured materials.

4. Darvaza Gas Crater

Here is a hole that is not like anything you have ever seen before.

It has been called the gateway to hell an it has the appearance to match.

Darvaza Gas Crater is located in Turkmenistan in the heart of the Karakum desert.

The large crater is a result of a Soviet gas exploration accident in the 1950’s. It was created when a Soviet drilling rig was drilling for natural gas fell into an underground cavern resulting in a crater which today measures roughly 60 meters in diameter and 20 meters deep.

3. Great Blue Hole

This blue shimmering hole is located in Belize and is one of the largest salt water holes on the planet.

This sink-hole is 1,000 feet across and 400 feet deep and was formed as a limestone cave during the last ice-age.

The hole is popular with divers and it is noted that a few have succumbed to the depths of this place.

Several species of fish, including giant groupers, nurse sharks and several types of reef sharks are know to populate the area.

2. Guatemala Sink-hole 

You may have seen this on the news recently where a massive sink-hole opened up in a poor area of Guatamala City.

The sink-hole was 330 ft deep, and was created by fluid from a sewer dissolving the rock underneath.

As a result, one thousand people had to be evacuated from the area before the sink hole was filled in and life got back to normal.

1. Harwood Hole

Located in New Zealand, The Harwood Hole is possibly one of the most breathtaking holes you will ever come across.

Harwood Hole is one of several important cave systems in Takaka Hill, between the Tasman Bay and the Golden Bay.

From the surface it is a 50 meters round sink-hole entrance that descends into 183 meters vertically and an overall depth of 357 meters

It is renowned as one of the best base-jumping sites in the world and is also popular with cavers looking for the ultimate challenge.

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