KSI Net Worth, Lifestyle, Wiki, Family, Age And Latest

KSI is a British YouTuber, Boxer, Singer, Songwriter, Artist Bitcoin holder and Influencer, today we take a look at the KSI net worth, lifestyle and more.

KSI NET WORTH – $22,200,000

NAME: Olajide Olayinka Williams “JJ” Olatunji
OCCUPATION: YouTuber, Boxer, Bitcoin Holder And Singer
BIRTHDAY: 19th June 1993
COUNTRY OF BIRTH: United Kingdom
SOURCE OF WEALTH: YouTube & Singing
PLACE OF RESIDENCE: Greater London Area / Los Angeles


KSI Net Worth, Lifestyle, Wiki, Family, Age And Latest

Born on the 19th June 1993 in Watford, Hertfordshire, England, KSI as he is more porularly known, was also raised in Watford, Hertfordshire.

Educated at Berkhamsted School in Berkhamsted, where he met future collaborator and Sidemen member Simon Minter, KSI is a well-known supporter of Arsenal F.C.

He attended school with his brother DEJI, also a popular YouTube creator.


KSI Net Worth, Lifestyle, Wiki, Family, Age And Latest

KSI has had many properties linked to him and has lived in several houses including a house with his fellow YouTube creators.

His main home is located on the outskirts of London in an undisclosed location and was mainly purchased for his parents as he currently rents an apartment in central London.

He is also reorted to have purchased a home in Los Angeles and often lives there when competing in professional boxing matches.

He has also confirmed that he owns 10 properties of varying size across the whole of England that are currently worth over $10 million dollars.


KSI Net Worth, Lifestyle, Wiki, Family, Age And Latest

KSI is a huge fan of cars and it was revealed that one of his first cars is the Porsche Boxter that he purchased in April 2019 for £41,000 and coming with the personalized number plate K51 FLY.

The YouTuber raked in millions of views when he purchased a Lamborghini Aventador and the song he made to celebrate the car gained over 100 million views.

With nearly 700 bhp, the Aventador has been the pinnacle of Supercars and remains one of the very last cars to have a fully aspirated V12 engine.

The KSI net worth also includes a heavily personalised and customised Cayenne which he has only shown off in a series of SnapChat stories.


KSI Net Worth, Lifestyle, Wiki, Family, Age And Latest

KSI began his YouTuibe career uploading videos playing Call of Duty and this soon turned into videos playing FIFA which began to gain him significant subscribers.

He began introducing his brother to his videos and the duo often screaming at horror games and playing FIFA against each other.

He then began incorporating his family into the videos with his mother and father in all kinds of comedy sketches including reaction videos and vlogs.

As the FIFA videos exploded along came the introduction of Diss Tracks with one gaining over 50 million views in a matter of months.

With over 30 million subscribers, the KSI Net Worth exploded and came with both a clothing line and dedicated sponsors.

Today, the KSI net worth includes a property managment company, “Kilimanjaro Your Mum Ltd” and “The Throne Holdings” which has close to £3 million in holdings.

Teaming up with six other British YouTubers dubbed “The Sidemen” their clothing line is one of the best selling on YouTube.

He later branched out into both boxing and the music scene with him earning over £700,000 dollars alone from one match.

KSI has released four EPs, 18 singles, and 28 music videos with more on the way and his hit single Lighter has been played thousands of times on British Radio Stations.

He has colaborated with huge names including Craig David, Anne-Marie and Rick Ross while his hit single with Polo G reached number 3 on the UK singles chart.

The total KSI net worth is now said to be over £16,000,000 pounds and he has even taken part in the Great Celebrity Bake Off.


KSI Net Worth, Lifestyle, Wiki, Family, Age And Latest

KSI’s father is from Ibadan, Nigeria and his mother is from Islington, London with both his parents often featuring in his early comedy sketch videos.

He has an older brother, DEJI whom he has also featured in many of his gaming videos and often teased to the delight of his fans.

More recently the two brothers were in a long-running YouTube fued which saw his brothers subscribers stay below 10 million for several months.


KSI Net Worth, Lifestyle, Wiki, Family, Age And Latest

KSI has many friends not just in the world of YouTube but also in the world of music and professional boxing.

Some of KSI’s best friends on YouTube include Simon Minter, Joshua “Josh” Bradley, Tobit “Tobi” Brown, Ethan Payne, Vikram “Vik” Barn, Jessica Fangs and Harry Lewis.

He is also good friends with other YouTubers including Callum Aaron McGinley know as Callux and Callum Airey also known as Calfreezy.

Other friends outside of YouTube include his boxing coach Viddal Ethan Danso Riley, Jeff Mayweather, Larry Wade and Stitch Duran.

He has also dated a number of women including Seana Cuthbert and Lois, however he often goes to great lengths to keep who he is dating a secret and is very private about his personal life.


KSI Net Worth, Lifestyle, Wiki, Family, Age And Latest

KSI is known to be pertified of spiders and is iften chased with them by other members of The Sidemen during prank videos.

Unsuprisingly, KSI’s favorite food is chicken, and he often eats it when training for fights, its not, however KFC.

He once had a computer game released about him named KSI Unleashed.

He has been to a number of places and described his favorite experience as the holiday in the Sidemen video after winning the expensive holiday on the Costa Brava at a mega-mansion.

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