Little Rabbit Token LTRBT Website Crashes Twice – Latest

Over 11,000 people crash the Little Rabbit LTRBT website, forcing several upgrades as the token’s popularity soars on news of Coinmarketcap and Coingeko listing.


A new token, launched on the Binance Smart Chain has appeared popular with many altcoin enthusiasts and crypto investors.

Named Little Rabbit, with the Ticker Handle LTRBT, it has a circulating supply of over 1 Sextillion Tokens, but that has not put investors off buying up the token in their droves.

Several users in the Telegram group were expecting the coin to 100x in the coming days as the price rise continues and people snap up the coins.

Many YouTube videos on the Little Rabbit token were popping up as YouTuber’s joined people on Twitter to support the coin.

Little Rabbit Token LTRBT Website Crashes Twice - Latest


As of writing, Little Rabbit’s Twitter Account has over 11.1K followers and thousand’s more are joining every day.

The company’s website was brought down twice thanks to the mass influx of investors trying to gain more information about the project and is understood to be receiving an upgrade.

Little Rabbit’s Telegram group has also exploded with over 17,000 fans joining and posting that they had bought billions or trillions of coins.

The token is not the first to have a large twitter following as with SHIBA INU, their twitter account also exploded after a rouge Elon musk Tweet.

Little Rabbit Token LTRBT Website Crashes Twice - Latest


One Twitter account was giving away over 185 Quadrillion LTRBT in a post, after the Token was listed on popular tracking website, Coinmarketcap.

Little Rabbit joins a number of popular DEFI Style coins with large supply including Australian Safe Shepard, SHIBA INU and BAFE.IO.

Several of these Tokens have received market listing in recent months on exchanges such as and

Little Rabbit Token LTRBT Website Crashes Twice - Latest


eBay sales of Little Rabbit have already begun popping up with over 400 Trillion coins on one listing alone.

Tokens are being distributed to any wallet that can handle the LTRBT tokens and we can confirm that TrustWallet has added a wallet function for them to be received.

Little Rabbit has also appeared on several other coin trading data sites including the ever popular where its 24 hour volume was already at $5,364,780!

The token has already surged in price (its very cheap still sue to the amount of coins) but a 24 hour change of 59% increase was listed.

little rabbit twitter


Last week the price of Little Rabbit increased by over 222% and the price could already be seen increasing sharply on many sites.

In another major development for the LTRBT team, PancakeSwap added the token and enabled trades on their services.

Several other services are planned including NFT’s and a Rabbit-DEX, which is yet to be announced on the token’s website.

The plan for the token does seem sound with Q2, Q3 and Q4 plans in place to expand the project as the popularity of DEFI tokens becomes ever more insane!

Little Rabbit is expected to grow in popularity during the next few weeks and we look forward to seeing which exchanges the token will list on in the future.

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