Micree Zhan Net Worth, Lifestyle, Wiki And Biography

Micree Zhan or Zhan Ketuan is a Chinese electronics engineer and businessman who is the co-founder of BITMAIN, today we look at his net worth and lifestyle

MICREE ZHAN NET WORTH – $4,000,000,000

NAME: Micree Zhan
OCCUPATION: Businessman & Crypto Investor
BIRTHDAY: January 29th, 1979
SOURCE OF WEALTH: Cryptocurrency


Micree Zhan
Micree Zhan

born on 29 January 1979 in Minhou County, Fujian, China, Micree Zhan where he attended Minhou No. 1 High School.

He graduated and went on attend Shandong University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in electronics engineering in 2001.

After this he earned his master’s degree in microelectronics engineering from the Institute of Microelectronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2004.


Micree Zhan Net Worth, Lifestyle, Wiki And Biography

Working at the Information Technology Research Institute at Tsinghua University, Micree Zhan started his own business making set-top boxes for television sets.

In 2006, he began a new job as the head of research and development and manager of the integrated circuit department at Chinese company Unitend Technologies

He met up with Wu Jihan, an enthusiast for cryptocurrency in 2013 and together, after many meetings, agreed to start Bitmain which was soon to become the worlds largest chip company for Bitcoin mining.

The company reported $2.5 billion in revenue in 2017, however in May 2020 the company ousted Micree Zhan as its founder and threatened anyone loyal to him with legal action.

Zhan responded in June 2020 with hired guards to take over the company’s Beijing office and the power struggle within the company continues to this day.

Micree Zhan has published numerous papers and patents about circuit chips and helped write the national standard for universal transport interfaces


Micree Zhan Net Worth, Lifestyle, Wiki And Biography

Over 339 employees work for at Bitmain and he is friends with many of them including Andrew Mu, Epperly Li, Hao Wang, Han He and Juliana Mei.

Jihan Wu was once one of his best friends but after the forced take over of Bitmain, the friendship between the two appears to have soured.

Another one of Zhan’s close friends is Samson Mow, Canadian video game developer and founder of the game development company Pixelmatic.


Micree Zhan Net Worth, Lifestyle, Wiki And Biography

Micree Zhan is a very private individual who keeps himself to himself in his private life, however it appears he often likes to keep himself in shape during his off-work time.

As of 2019, Zhan is single and has no children and is often seen in various places around China.

He has traveled to many places for Bitcoin events and conferences including New York City, Europe, Iceland and even Siberia!

Micree Zhan Net Worth, Lifestyle, Wiki And Biography

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