10 Expensive Things Used To Protect Turkey’s President Erdogan

He is the head of the Turkish Armed Forces and has survived a failed assassination attempt in 2016, today Vidello Productions is taking a look at 10 Expensive Things Used To Protect Turkey’s President Erdogan.

10 – C4I Bunker

Housed in a secure bunker deep beneath the Presidential Complex in Ankara, is the top-secret special operations command and control centre known as the C4I Bunker.

The 143 screens visual command centre is said to collect data from many sources including UAVs, CCTV, and 3G transmissions from all 81 provinces of Turkey.

Live feeds to the Presidential Command Centre come from both the Turkish Armed Forces and National Intelligence Organization.

The bunker monitors presidential movements on both land and in the air and is protected from both Nuclear and Chemical Attacks.

Two special super-computer servers allow for secure data storage and individuals can be tracked by both biometrics and 2D images uploaded to the system.

9 – Turkish Bodyguards

Known for their slightly heavy-handed approach on both official visits and protests overseas, President Erdogan’s personal and non-personal bodyguards are responsible for multiple layers of security.

Originally Part of the Presidential Guard Regiment, they wore turquoise and white ceremonial uniforms while at home and more custom western suits when travelling on official state business.

During the failed coup, many members of the Presidential Guard Regiment were deemed to be involved and the guard was completely disbanded.

In more recent news, the Presidents Bodyguards have been involved in an incident with Kurdish Protesters In Washington DC, leading to 15 being indicted before charges were later dropped.

On the other hand, they were photographed helping a man change his mind after he threatened to jump off a bridge, before speaking to the president who also helped during the negotiations.

8 – Custom Boeing 747-8i

President Erdogan’s custom Boeing 747-8 is a lap of luxury compared to some world leaders planes and was a gift from the Emir of Qatar.

Costing around $500 million dollars, the Custom Boeing 747-8i has been described as “the largest and most expensive private jet in the world”.

Re-fitted to carry 76 passengers, rather than the usual 400, it has features including staterooms, lounges, boardrooms, first-class seating areas, and even a hospital.

After receiving a paint lift to the livery, the plane’s latest journey is expected to be to the United States, an invitation accepted by Erdogan in October this year.

7 – Gulfstream IV Presidential Jet

The second and more personal private jet of Turkey’s President Erdogan, his Gulfstream IV Presidential Jet has taken him to many places including Russia and China.

Used before the gist of his other plane, the Custom Boeing 747-8i we mentioned previously, his Gulfstream IV has a top speed of 935 km/h and a cruising speed of 850 km/h.

Costing around $41 million dollars, he has private pilots, on-board chefs and food tasters as well as areas to relax, sleep and work.

The jet famously disguised itself as a civilian aircraft, allowing it to vanish from the radar of rebel fighter jets during an attempted coup this year.

The president’s pilots switched their radio transponder to match that of a Turkish Airlines passenger jet allowing the jet to blend in with civilian traffic, undoubtedly saving the presidents life.

6 – Presidential Complex

Located in the heart of capital city Ankara, the Presidential Complex is also both the presidential residence and prime ministerial compound.

The complex was originally denied for construction by the courts, but proceeded anyway and was later revealed to have cost around $600 million dollars.

The first head of state to visit the palace was Pope Francis, during his visit to Turkey and Russian President Vladimir Putin was the second foreign guest welcomed with a ceremony in front of the new palace.

The complex has multiple layers of security, however, it was bombed during the 2016 coup d’etat attempt.

Consisting of the main building and two support buildings that are used for meetings, the whole building covers around 3,300,000 sq ft and has at least 1,150 rooms.

Construction of a new residence for the president’s family with an estimated two hundred and fifty rooms, a 4,000-person capacity mosque, and a cultural centre are still on-going.

A laboratory to detect nuclear, biological and chemical hazards is also thought to be included in the above-ground areas, separate to the below-ground bunker we mentioned earlier.

5 – Mercedes Maybach S600 Guard

Travelling the world can be a dangerous undertaking for the Turkish President, with many threats both abroad and at home, and to help him, he has access to this armoured Mercedes Maybach S600 Guard.

Costing an insane €1.4 million Euro’s, it has bulletproof doors and windows, a bomb-proof exterior and a steel bulkhead to secure the heads of the passengers in case of a terrorist attack.

The S-Class measures a whopping six and a half metres and weighs 5.6 tons thanks to the heavy twin-turbo engine.

Sirens, flashing lights, flagpoles, and the emergency buttons integrated into one of the cupholders are just some of the upgraded features.

Other things available to the passengers include an exterior communication system with microphone and if you are looking to buy the AMG one… sorry its permanently sold out.

4 – National Intelligence Organization

Turkey’s version of the CIA, the National Intelligence Organization or MIT as its known, was established in 1965 to replace the National Security Service.

Operations are classified in all aspects of the organisation and it regularly co-operates with the Central Intelligence Agency and the intelligence agencies of Russia.

As well as protecting the president and Prime Minister of Turkey, the National Intelligence Organization operates in many other countries and has activities including wiretapping, intelligence reports and spying, mainly on terrorists.

The intelligence also covers direct threats to the president when he is either at home or abroad.

3 – Luxury Coach

One of the newer additions to President Erdogan’s fleet, his Luxury Coach was a gift from a Turkish-Qatari vehicle manufacturer.

The coach features the pennant of the Presidency on the livery and has some of the best conference facilities on-board.

As you would expect, the windows are bullet-proof and other features include a luxury bedroom and bathroom and space below for many pieces of luggage and even a reported safe room.

2 – General Directorate of Security

The Civilian police force within the country, the General Directorate of Security is wholly responsible for law enforcement in Turkey.

It is often called upon during presidential events, including rallies, state events and elections.

Organised into two branches, the Central organisation and the Provincial organisation, it has over 834 police stations in 81 Provinces.

The force has access to a vast array of upgraded equipment, some of which includes Audi A3’s, bell 406 and 419 helicopters and some police are armed with MP5 submachine guns.

1 – Turkish Armed Forces

The main military forces of the Republic of Turkey includes the Army, the Navy and the Air Force along with the Gendarmerie and the Coast Guard.

The General Staff coordinates most military relations of the TAF with other NATO member states and other friendly states.

The Turkish Armed Forces are the second largest standing military force in NATO having an active strength of around 400,000 active personnel.

Despite being designed to protect the government of Turkey at all costs, a few rogue factions of the Turkish Armed Forces attempted to take over the government.

The Coup failed and thousands of military personnel were arrested along with the entire military structure undergoing a complete overhaul.

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