Ghost Hunting Adventure Inside a Spooky Haunted Castle!

Our ghost story begins on a cold, wet August night in a small flat, in the town of Barnard Castle.

Two months ago, my YouTube channel, Vidello Productions was the victim of the re-used content policy on youtube and had been undergoing work to restore it.

It became quite clear that the types of videos needed to drive views were not going to be achievable every day and thus, something else was needed to keep the channel alive and kicking.

Lugsy “The Lug-detector” standing in one of the castle passageways, the man has no fear whatsoever.

Behold, ghost-hunting, the new exciting phenomena gripping YouTube and our new activity for the channel, but where to start? where to go first and what to look for?

We decided on our local castle, Barnard Castle, aptly named around the town it sits in and a hub for paranormal activity for many years.

We began our journey by entering the castle and instantly proceeded to get lost (yes we have never been in years) and eventually found our way down into the moat and up a steep hill then over a fence.

By now the temperature has increased and we are sweating like crazy, but now its time to enter the main compound and the ghost activity area.

Will reading one of the many plaques within the castle walls, moments before a voice is heard on camera saying “Help”

We immediately checked for CCTV and then headed for the dungeons, which we later found were blocked off, and completely inaccessible due to an iron gate that had been fixed to the wall with concrete.

We made our way to the first floor of the keep and fired up the EMF detector that allows spirits and ghouls to talk to us and us to them.

Within minutes we had our first ghost, a spirit named “Brianna” and we were told she was a peasant girl with a conviction of some kind.

Later came the names “Mark” and after a long conversation on a window-ledge, “Katherine” later found out to be “Catherine” was discovered on the ground floor outside. We then left as things died down.

The Lug-Detector ascends the castle keep to check for anything out of the ordinary

I researched Catherine, who was slightly more hostile than the others, and found out that a girl named “Catherine Parnaby Raine” was murdered in Barnard Castle in 1845.

“Brianna” it turns out could be “Ann Humphreys” who witnessed Catherine’s murder that night and was sworn to silence by her killers, fearing she would be the next to be killed, she stayed quiet for a year.

Her killers were found not guilty of murder, however, fate caught up with them in the end, and in a scene reminiscent of that of O.J Simpson, they were later hauled off to Australia after being found guilty of robbery and sentenced to 15 years transportation.

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