Mr Beast To Re-Create Squid Game In Latest Crazy YouTube Video

YouTube star Mr Beast is set to re-create the world famous Squid Game and hes inviting over 100 fans who purchase limited edition merchandise to join 356 others in the 6 challenges based on the show.

In what could be one of the biggest (and most expensive) Mr Beast videos in years, YouTube star Mr Beast and his team are re-creating the world famous Squid Game, based on the hit Netflix series of the same name.

Mr Beast and some of his team appeared in the live video above to promote the up-coming video where they intend to invite 100 people who purchase a limited edition T-Shirt or Hoodie and once they are gone they are gone!

Beast, who is known for his generous videos in which he gives away prizes and stacks of free cash, has said that the video will exactly resemble the games in squid game.

Mr Beast To Re-Create Squid Game In Latest Crazy YouTube Video
Beast is re-creating his own Squid Game

The games, which include red light green light, tug of war, dalgona candy, marbles, the Glass Stepping Stones, the midnight fight and squid game became sensational through the 6 part series of the same name.

The popular show saw 456 heavily in debt contestants take part in challeging games with failure resulting in them being eliminated from the game, usually in a fatal way.

Several rules are included and restrictions apply, with new contestants will be chosen for those unable to attend, applicants must be 18+ and from the USA with the merch offer ending on Sunday 10/17 @ 4PM EST.

Contestants do not have to make a t-shirt purchase to try and enter the competition and instead can fill out a form HERE

squid game mr beast
Mr Beast and his team appeared on the live stream to promote the up and coming games.

Beast and his team said that re-creating Squid game was going to cost over $2,000,000 dollars and merchandise purchases would help pay for putting on a great show.

Squid game Beast merch includes a Black T-Shirt or Black Hoodie with beast logo and Squid Game triancle, circle and square embroidered on the front.

It is currently un-clear just how much money will be online in the giant money pot, which is expected to apepar in the video, wherever it will take place, however a rumored prize of $450,000 dollars is possibly up for grabs.

All of the money from merch sales is going directly towards producing the set for the video and for the video itself.

As with many videos on the channel, contestants can expect some sudden and interesting challenges, with the team trying to eliminate as many people as possible.

Mr Beast Squid Game Rules Below

You must be a US resident located in the USA and 18 years or older to play.

Purchase limited edition merch to be in with a chance of appearing in the video

Sign up HERE if you dont want to purchase merch


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