Eve Gale and Jess Gale – Love Island 2020 Lifestyles

Love Island 2020 has launched and we have begun to look at the contestants in the series and today we feature Eve Gale and Jess Gale.

They have been described as the twins with the ultimate girl code, and have said they won’t be fighting over any boys when they arrive on the show!

The new show is located in South Africa and Love Island has arrived for its sixth series that will run from January

Having worked as VIP hostesses at events around the world and have met many celebrities including rapper Tyga.

 Jess Gale and Eve gale
Both Jess Gale and Eve gale have worked as VIP hostesses

Both aged 20, Eve and Jess Gale describe themselves as kind, fun, spontaneous, confident and friendly.

Jess has been coupled with mike, while Eve has been matched with Callum, however, whether they sway from this is currently unknown.

When Eve and Jess were asked what they were looking for ina partner they said the following:

 Jess Gale and Eve gale
Both have said they will not be fighting over boys

Jess: “Someone who is confident, not cocky. Self- assured, kind and respectful and on the same intelligence level as me.”

Eve: “I want someone who is fun and confident, not shy. Quite ‘alpha male’. And I’d like a guy who is switched on.”

They have several turn-offs including insecure guys and guys who talk to every other girl and are disrespectful.

When it comes to bad habits, Jess says being late is her worst while Eve’s is Sleeping in and missing her alarm.

Both girls have Instagram pages and you can find Eve here and Jess here.

Vidello Productions
Vidello Productions

Love Island begins on ITV2 at 9PM on Sunday 12th January and continues weeknights and Sundays.

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