Richard Branson Net Worth, Lifestyle, Bio, Wiki, Family And More

Richard Branson is an English business magnate, investor, author and former philanthropist, today we look at his net worth and lifestyle.


NAME: Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson
OCCUPATION: Businessman
BIRTHDAY: 18th July 1950
COUNTRY OF BIRTH: United Kingdom
PLACE OF RESIDENCE:  British Virgin Islands


Richard Branson Net Worth, Lifestyle, Bio, Wiki, Family And More

Born in Blackheath, London on the 18th July 1950, Richard Branson attended Scaitcliffe School, a prep school in Surrey and later, Cliff View House School in Sussex.

He also attended an independent school in Buckinghamshire, named Stowe School until he was aged 16 years old.

After school, Branson started squatting in London between 1967 and 1968 however his parents were supporters of his early projects and never gave up on his idea’s.


Richard Branson Net Worth, Lifestyle, Bio, Wiki, Family And More

Richard Branson started his early career attempting to grow and sell  Christmas trees and budgerigars however it was clear that this business was not going to succeed.

He launched a magazine named Student in 1966 and after the first issue appeared in january 1968, Branson’s net worth rocketed to £50,000 pounds.

He started a mail order record business from the same location and the magazine later helped with driving record sales.

He opened a record shop in London, however, after selling of records that had been declared export stock, he ran into trouble and was eventually bailed out by his parents.

This did not stop Branson and he later founded Virgin Records in 1972 and he purchased a country estate that became a recording studio known as The Manor Studio.

By 1979 Richard Branson was already estimated to have a net worth of $5 million dollars and a year later, the record company went International.

His next set of ventures began in 1981 when he created Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Cargo, later incorporating his new package holiday business, Virgin Holidays into the flight business.

Between 1988 and 2000 Richard Branson expanded into the space tourism industry, a project that would later take years to expand on.

He also launched Virgin Media and had already launched Virgin Mobile and Virgin Blue in Australia with an estimated net worth of £3 Billion.

He added Northern Rock to his banking empire in 2007 and later re-branded the business into Virgin Money.

Between 2008 and 2019, Branson expanded into the Hotel, Healthcare, and charitable influence sectors and made great waves into the space exploration business.

The business later invested in Hyperloop One, Las Vegas based hard Rock Casino Hotel and Branson appeared on the Season 9 Premiere of Shark Tank as a guest investor.

A number of Branson’s businesses have been hit by the global COVID-19 Pandemic, specifically his Air Travel, Hotel and Holiday Businesses.


Richard Branson Net Worth, Lifestyle, Bio, Wiki, Family And More

Richard Branson owns a number of houses, land and properties around the world including the amazing Necker island which he purchased for $180,000 dollars in the 1970’s, which is today worth close to $150 million dollars.

He also owns Son Bunyola, an estate in northwest Mallorca that has several villas that are rented out on a holiday let basis.

He owns a large Ski Resort Lodge in the Swiss Alps, also rented out on holiday let basis for around $945 a night and exclusive use in the winter for a week is $89,916.

He also owns a number of properties in South Africa including Mont Rochelle, a hotel located near Cape Town.

Other properties in the Richard Branson empire include Kasbah Tamadot hotel and resort in Morocco, a tented safari camp in Kenya’s Maasai Nara National Reserve and another African property, located in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve.

He has owned several properties in the UK including an Oxfordshire mansion in Kidlington worth $1.78 milion and a home in Holland Park, London now sold for £23.18 million.


Richard Branson Net Worth, Lifestyle, Bio, Wiki, Family And More

Richard Branson’s family includes his late mother Eve Branson,  a former ballet dancer and air hostess and his late father, Edward James Branson.

Branson has two younger sisters and his grandfather, Sir George Arthur Harwin Branson, was a judge of the High Court of Justice and a Privy Councillor.

Branson met his first wife, Kristen Tomassi in 1972 and later divorced her in 1979.

He met his second wife, Joan Templeman, in 1976 and the couple married on Necker Island in 1989.

Branson has two children with his first wife, Holly, his daugher and Sam, his son, born in 1981 and 1985 respectivly.


Richard Branson Net Worth, Lifestyle, Bio, Wiki, Family And More

Branson has a large number of friends around the world including Barack and Michelle Obama, Kate Winslet and Harry Styles.

Other friends include Mariah Carey, Ronnie Wood, Sally Wood, David Hasselhof, Natalie Imbruglia, Rachel Hunter and Geena Davis.

Friends have also visited his island including Ruby Wax, Harrison Ford, Mel Gibson, Mick Jagger, Kate Moss, Jeff Bezos and Heather Mills McCartney.

Other influential names in Branson’s friendship circle include Eddie Murphy, George Michael, Boris Becker, Demi Moore, Kelly Brook and one of the most famous names on the list, the late Princess Diana.


Richard Branson Net Worth, Lifestyle, Bio, Wiki, Family And More

Richard Branson has made a number of world record attempts as part of his super active lifestyle.

Some of these record attempts included trying to fly around the world in a hot air baloon and crossed the Pacific from Japan to Arctic Canada with a record breaking speed of 145 miles per hour.

Branson is well known for his love of kite-surfing and has been pictured several times on his private island with family enjoying the sport.

He is a regular fitness guru and often works out whenever he can, especially with the Virgin Group owning Virgin Fitness.

He is often involved in philanthropy and became a founding sponsor of the International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children in 1999.

He holds a number of awards including being a Knight of The British Empire and was awarded the German Media Prize in 2011.

Other awards include the 2014 Business for Peace Award, the International Crisis Group Chairman’s Award in 2015 and he was inducted into the International Air & Space Hall of Fame in 2011.

It has not been all plain sailing for Branson and in 1971 he was briefly jailed for tax evasion having fraudulently obtained export documents for records to be sold on the domestic market.

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