Ross Kemp Net Worth, Lifestyle, Biography, Wiki, Wife, Family And More

Ross Kemp is an English actor, presenter, author and investigative journalist, today we take a detailed look at his net worth and lifestyle.

ROSS KEMP NET WORTH – $1,500,000

NAME: Ross James Kemp
BIRTHDAY: 21 July 1964
COUNTRY OF BIRTH: United Kingdom
PLACE OF RESIDENCE: Cookham, Berkshire, UK



Kemp initially trained at Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art, and received his equity card when appearing alongside John Thaw and Richard Wilson at the Palace Theatre in Westcliff-on-Sea.

Kemp also appeared in several training films for the ministry of defence and played Graham Lodsworth in Emmerdale Farm.

Ross Kemp had several guest appearances in London’s Burning and Birds of a Feather, before he had a small role in the 1987 film Playing Away alongside now well known actor Neil Morrissey.

He appeared in an edition of police drama The Chief in 1990 and starred in a golf themed advert for Kellogg’s Fruit & Fibre cereal that same year.



Kemp owns a home in Cookham, Berkshire, UK and lives there with his family, raising his children in the area.

The home has been described as modest and features a large living room, wildlife themed bedroom and kitchen that is designed with beige tiled flooring and sage green cupboards.



Joining Eastenders in February 1990 as hardman Grant Mitchell, Kemp was often at the centre of major storylines and soon bec ame a familiar face on the series.

He stayed with the soap for over nine years and announced he was leaving in April 1999 with his official exit in  October 1999.

After a six year hiatus, Ross Kemp returned to the series in late autumn of 2005, and he returned for a brief period again in 2006, before departing once again in June that year.

He once again appeared on the show for three brief episodes and another three weeks after that with appearences from 4 July to 9 September 2016.

Moving on from Eastenders, Ross Kemp has starred in several other shows including Hero of the Hour and A Christmas Carol.

He has had a major role in becoming an Investigative journalist and travelled to some of the most dangerous places on earth including Afghanistan and the Amazon Rainforest.

Ross kemp stood againsed five candidates and was elected as Rector of the University of Glasgow, a position he held for only one year and he campaigned for the Labor party in the 2017 general election.



Ross Kemps mother, Jean was a hairdresser and his father John was a Detective Superintendent in the Metropolitan Police Service.

He has one brother, Darren, who is a film-maker in the BBC and on the 11th June 2002, Kemp married Rebekah Wade, the then editor of the sun newspaper.

Kemp and Wade divorced in 2009 and in 2012 he married Australian Renee O’Brien to whom he has three children.


Ross Kemp Net Worth, Lifestyle, Biography, Wiki, Wife, Family And More

Ross Kemp has many friends within the acting community, none more so than from his time in Eastenders, with Steve McFadden as one of his closest friends, even if they are rarely spotted together.

He was very close to former actor Barbra Windsor whom passed away after a brief illness in 2020 and was described as Ross Kemps on-screen mom.

He is also friends with many other actors including June Brown, Adam Woodyatt Jessie Wallace and , yes, believe it or not, Jake Wood!

He met another one of his best friends, Russell Brand at his local martial arts club.


Ross Kemp Net Worth, Lifestyle, Biography, Wiki, Wife, Family And More

Ross Kemp is a known fan of Yoga and has been on several Yoga dates with his wife and often uses it to keep in shape.

One of his favourite foods is Japanese and he can often be found tucking into a Japanese meal at any time of the day.

He has spent years at his local martial arts club and is well trained in mixed martial arts and kickboxing.

He has been on several holidays and was spotted on a Marella cruise with his wife in Italy and Spain without the children.

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