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  • Russian Ground Forces Advance On Ukraine
  • Targeted Missile Strikes On Airports And Communications
  • Attack Started During U.N Security Council Meeting
  • Western Countries Threaten Further Sanctions
  • Russian Troops Reported In Southern Cities Including Odessa


05:19am Thursday 24th February 2022


Bitcoin, altcoin and major futures markets have moved sharply lower after Russia announced a major military operation in Ukraine this morning with Bitcoin plunging over $3000.

05:08am Thursday 24th February 2022


In another power speech Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened any servicemen who try to stop the Russian advance they would be annihilated.

04:44am Thursday 24th February 2022


Reports of random power outages and airports under attack, also reports of large scale fighting along the Russian/Ukraine border.

04:36am Thursday 24th February 2022


Reports of Russian troops spotted in Odessa and other southern cities and loud explosions heard in capital city Kiev

04:21am Thursday 24th February 2022


Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced a special military operation in Ukraine and has warned the United States and Great Britain not to intervene or they will face consequences unlike anything they have ever seen.

The attack too place during the sitting of the UN security council in New York City.

11:53pm Thursday 10th February 2022

United States Advises ALL Citizens To Leave Ukraine Immediately

United States president Joe Biden has said all US citizens should leave Ukraine territory immediately

“It’s not like we’re dealing with a terrorist organisation, we’re dealing with one of the largest armies in the world, It’s a very different situation and things could go crazy quickly.”

Joe Biden, US President

11:04am Thursday 10th February 2022

Boris Johnson In Poland As Talks In Russia Continue

Russia VS Ukraine Crisis Live Blog - LATEST LIVE UPDATES

As Boris Johnson flies To Poland, talks continue in Moscow between the UK and Russian governments, however people are starting to feel this is just delaying the inevitable

11:04am Thursday 10th February 2022

Boris Johnson Suggests UK Might Support Insuegency

Asked whether the UK would support a Ukrainian Insurgency if the Russian’s invade, Boris Johnson said:

“We have already given Ukraine 2000 Anti-Tank weapons, however we will consider what more we could conceivably offer”

Boris Johnson, UK Prime Minister

10:56am Thursday 10th February 2022

Crisis Talks Held In Russia Amid Escalation In Tensions

UK Foreign Secretary, Lizz Truss, has met her counterpart in Moscow amid tensions over the conflict which could start at any momment.

Meanwhile Boris Johnson has met with chief of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, and suggested intelligence remains grim.

More and more diplomats have been seen heading to Moscow over the last few days in what is being seen as a final push to avoid war on the edge of Europe.

23:10pm Thursday 27th January 2022

Russian Troop Movements Increase On Ukraine Border

Russian troop movements have increased on the border with Ukraine it has been revealed by The US Defense Department.

Troop movements were said to be noticeable but not not dramatic.

13:34am Thursday 27th January 2022

Putin Expanding Support In Cuba & Venezuela

The Kremlin has said it is bolstering ties with its Latin American partners after a series of phone calls with the leaders of Cuba and Venezuela.

Putin spoke with Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel via telephone and the talks were referred to as “in-depth exchange of opinions on bilateral cooperation in trade, the economy and investment”

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro said their conversation, earlyThursday, covered topical issues of Russian-Venezuelan cooperation and the implementation of joint projects in trade, the economy, energy and other sectors.

13:30am Thursday 27th January 2022

Aggression Towards Ukraine Fueling NATO Support

The aggression shown towards Ukraine by Russia over the last few years is driving support for the country to join Nato, according to Vsevolod Chentsov, Kyiv’s representative to the EU

“Unintentionally, the Kremlin is pushing us in the right direction,”

Vsevolod Chentsov, Kyiv’s representative to the EU

13:22am Thursday 27th January 2022

Many Russian’s Worried About Prospect of War

Many Russians are woried about a third world war it has been revealed and while many seem to believe the west is causing the issues, most have revealed that they would much rather see a diplomatic resolution to the crisis.

Russian State media has been hard at work, particularlly in Moscow, to try and bring its citizens the latest on the crisis, mainly with an anti-western theme.

01:21am Thursday 27th January 2022

Ukraine-Russia Temporary Ceasfire Agreed

DW News reporting a temporary 2-week “unconditional observance ceasfire” over Ukraine has been announced by Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France

01:11am Thursday 27th January 2022

Russia May Supply Militants With Weapons

Russian officials have started to discuss the possibility of supplying their militants located in Ukrainian Donbas with weapons.

They said the move would be to deter Kyiv’s, clearly planned, military aggression

00:49am Thursday 27th January 2022

US & NATO Responds To Russia Security Guarantees

The United States and NATO have provided Russia with written response that offers Russia a “serious diplomatic path” to end the impasse.

The document we’ve delivered includes concerns of the United States and our allies and partners about Russia’s actions that undermine security, a principled and pragmatic evaluation of the concerns that Russia has raised, and our own proposals for areas where we may be able to find common ground,”

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken

Russia has denied that it is planning to invade Ukraine, but it has vehemently opposed the country’s efforts to join NATO.

16:19pm Wednesday 26th January 2022

Ukraine Threat Is Threat Against Whole of Europe

The European Council chief, Charles Michel, has expressed solidarity with Kyiv, saying “a threat against Ukraine is a threat against Europe”.

Michel made his remarks at a joint news conference with Slovak Prime Minister Eduard Heger.

13:51pm Wednesday 26th January 2022

Germany Send 5,000 Helmets To Ukraine

Germany have sent 5,000 military helmets to Ukraine after a request by the country for support.

This comes after Germany refused to send weapons to the country.

“I can confirm that we have completed an assessment in response to a request from the Ukrainian side to commit to a delivery of 5,000 military helmets,”

German Spokesman

13:43pm Wednesday 26th January 2022

F-15 Fighter Jets Deployed To Lithuania By US

The Lithuanian Defence Ministry has said that a number of F-15 fighter jets have landed at an airbase in Estonia, part of the NATO transatlantic military alliance’s efforts to beef up its Eastern defences.

Another four F-16 fighter jets are set to be deployed to a nearby Lithuanian airbase by Denmark on Thursday.

13:33pm Wednesday 26th January 2022

Ukraine Says Economy Stable

Prime Minister of Ukraine, Denys Shmyha has said the country has enough resources to maintain financial and economic stability amid market volatility.

“We are not saying that there are no threats – they have existed for the last eight years; we only emphasise the fact that the government now has all the necessary resources to keep the economy stable,”

Prime Minister of Ukraine, Denys Shmyha

13:3pm Wednesday 26th January 2022

Putin Meets With Italian Executives

Vladimir Putin has met with Executives of several high profile Italian businesses and told them Italy is a key partner for Moscow.

The meeting, which was held via video call, has not impredded the Italian government and saw Russia say it was a reliable energy supplier and that Rome was able to buy gas from Gazprom at lower prices thanks to long-term deals.

10:3am Wednesday 26th January 2022

Russian Opposition Leader Added To Terrorist Watch List

Russia has, yesterday, added imprisoned opposition leader Alexei Navalny, his brother and eight other allies, to the countries registry of terrorists and extremists.

A co-ordinated and planned campaign to crack down on supporters of the opposition, independent media, and human rights activists added him and his brother Oleg, top aides Lyubov Sobol and Gregory Alburov, Vyacheslav Gimadi, Leonid Volkov, Ivan Zhdanov, Lilia Chanysheva, and Ruslan Shaveddinov.

8:55am Wednesday 26th January 2022

Possibility of Russia Ditching US Dollar Over Crisis

Russia has conducted several more military drills, this time with the Chinese military and reports coming out suggest they may be planning to scrap the US Dollar in favor of its national currency when dealing with top trade partner Beijing.

Maneuvers involved the Russian Pacific Fleet’s Slava-class missile cruiser Varyag, Udaloy-class large anti-submarine destroyer Admiral Tributs and the large sea tanker Boris Butoma.

7:55pm Tuesday 25th January 2022

US Ready To Darget Putin Directly in Event of an Attack

US President Joe Biden has said that he would consider personally placing sanctions on Russian President Vladimir Putin, should Russia Invade Ukraine.

He made the comment while giving a press briefing to reporters at the White House.

7:38pm Tuesday 25th January 2022

Finland Puts Military To State of Readiness

Finlands military readiness has been activated according to  Colonel Petteri Kajanmaa, head of the warfare department at the Finnish National Defence University.

Its thought this will include moving resources such as planes and ships to new locations and collecting more intelligence to brief the state leadership.

6:29pm Tuesday 25th January 2022

Defence Secratary and Chairman Of Joint Chiefs Spotted at White House

US Defense secretary Lloyd Austin and General Mark Milley, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, have been spotted leaving the White House after spending more than two hours inside.

It is currently unknown what was discussed or exactly who they met, however its expected Ukraine was on the agenda.

5:26pm Tuesday 25th January 2022

White House Press Briefing Currently On-Going

The White House is giving an update on the Ukraine Situation

5:26pm Tuesday 25th January 2022

White House Press Briefing Currently On-Going

The White House is giving an update on the Ukraine Situation

4:10pm Tuesday 25th January 2022

Claims of Russian Forces Already Inside Ukraine

It has been revealed that several people have been arrested after attempting to try and destabilise the Ukrainian Government

As I write, we are becoming aware of a significant number of individuals that are assessed to be associated with Russian military advance-force operations and currently located in Ukraine.

British Armed Forces Minister James Heappey

1:12pm Tuesday 25th January 2022

Russia Begins Combat Readiness Inspections

Soldiers have been patrolling the southern military district, according to TRT World citing the RIA news agency.

Over 6,000 Russian troops are said to have taken part in several exercises early this morning.

12:11pm Tuesday 25th January 2022

Boris Johnson To Make Statement To MP’s at 1:15PM

Downing Street has announced that Boris Johnson will make a statement to the House of Commons at 1:15PM.

Stepping up the rhetoric against Russia in recent days, Boris Johnson warned Russia that any invasion of Ukraine would be a disastrous step.

You can watch this statement on SkyNews below:

11:38am Tuesday 25th January 2022

Russia Concern at Possible US Troop Deployments

Russia is said to be watching US Troop deployments with great concern, and Russian President Vladimir Putin is expected to speak to French counterpart Emmanuel Macron, spokesperson Dmitry Peskov has said.

Moscow is waiting for a written U.S. response and list of security demands, some of which, Washington has already dismissed as non-starters and that US Troop announcments do not effect the current talks.

11:33am Tuesday 25th January 2022

Several GOP Figures Come Out Against Deploying Troops

Several Republican party figures have come out pubicly against the possible deployment of US troops to Ukraine over the crisis including Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar and Kentucky Representative Thomas Massie.

Not one American soldier should die there, and not one American bullet should be fired there. We just lost Afghanistan to sandal-wearing goat herders. I assure you Russian military is no joke either.

Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar

 “too many in our government care about the Ukrainian border more than the U.S. border,”

Kentucky Representative Thomas Massie

Florida congressman Anthony Sabatini, who is a Trump supporter has set up a petition against any decision by Biden to deploy troops.

11:17am Tuesday 25th January 2022

Cost of Flights Out of Ukraine Soar over 1000%

The cost of flights out of the Ukraine have soared in the last 24 hours with the average price of a flight up $1,924 from $29.

The increase comes as thousands of people begin leaving the country over fears of the russian invasion force camped on the countries border.

10:17pm Monday 24th January 2022

Meeting Between World Leaders United on Ukraine Defense

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said late on Monday that The United States, NATO and the EU are United on the defence of Ukraine.

Stoltenberg took part in a live video call with US President Joe Biden, and the leaders of France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Britain and the European Union.

9:38pm Monday 24th January 2022

GAZ Group Licences Shortened By US Treasury

One of the largest commercial vehicle production companies in Russia has had its yearly licences shortened by the US and were being extended for only 90 days.

“These authorisations were extended for a shorter time period given the current situation with Russia; further extension will be informed by Russia’s behaviour,”

US Treasury Department

9:05pm Monday 24th January 2022

US Action Against Russia Would “Swift And Severe”

During a heated press conference, US Department of State spokesman Ned Price has said that any invasion of Ukraine would be met with a swift and sever responce from the US and its allies.

“If any Russian forces move across the border, that’s a renewed invasion, [and] it will be met with a swift, severe, and united response on the part of the United States and the part of our allies.”

US Department of State spokesman Ned Price

8:05pm Monday 24th January 2022


The pentagon has announced that 8,500 have been placed on heightened readiness according to spokesman John Kirby.

“The bulk of the troops I’m talking about today, are intended for the NATO Response Force with the vast majority of them only being activated by the NATO Alliance

It hasn’t been activated currently; it is our contribution to the response force and we want to make sure that they’re ready to go.

It’s really important to keep remembering that no deployment orders have been set, and no missions have been assigned. This is really about getting folks ready to go in case they’re needed.

These would be additional Brigade Combat Teams, logistics personnel, medical support, aviation support, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance as well as transportation, and maybe even some additional capabilities after that,”

Pentagon Spokesman John Kirby

The move places over 8,500 troops on alert readiness status to deploy in Europe should any invasion of Ukraine take place.

7:51pm Monday 24th January 2022

Russia And Ukraine To Meet In Paris on Wedensday

Diplomats from both countries are expected to meet in Paris on Wedensday for a revival of four-way talks that will include Germany and France.

Known as the Normandy Format, the talks will be aimed at de-escelation from both countries and would include steps from Ukraine and Russia to avert war.

7:39pm Monday 24th January 2022

US Refining Military Preperations & Embassy Pullouts

The White House has announced that the option of providing assistance to eastern European flank countries has not been ruled out.

“We have a sacred obligation to support the security of our eastern flank countries. I think it’s important to remember who the aggressor is here and it’s not the United States,”

“It is not these eastern flank countries. It is Russia, who has tens of thousands of troops on the border of Ukraine. They have the power to de-escalate. We would certainly welcome that.”

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki

Meanwhile, Kiev has said that four countries are now removing some staff from their embassies including Germany, UK, US and Australia.

7:34pm Monday 24th January 2022

What Does Russia Vs Ukraine Look Like on a Military Scale?

With war on Europe’s Eastern border looking more likely, we take a look at how the military sides compare in terms of strength and numbers.

Russia VS Ukraine Crisis Live Blog - LATEST LIVE UPDATES

Russia is by far the strongest of the two with over 750,000 more troops, 90% more planes and over 10,000 more tanks.

While Ukraine has 11,435 armoured vehicles, Russia’s 27,100 easily outnumber the small state, its certainly not looking good for Ukraine if an attack happens!

7:03pm Monday 24th January 2022

Belerus Hacking Group Attack’s Rail Network

Belarusian opposition hacker group, Cyber-Partisans has claimed an attack directed at the state railway company’s computer systems.

The attack came after the company is reported to have helped transport Russian troops into the counrty and tweeted that it had encrypted some of the railway service’s servers, databases and workstations.

The Belarusian Railway service has announced that tickets country-wide were unavailable and told customers to buy tickets offline.

Cyber-Partisans demanded the removal of Russian troops from the country and the release of 50 political prisoners held within the country.

6:45pm Monday 24th January 2022

Germany’s Urged To Reconsoder Decision Not To Supply Weapons To Ukraine

Ukraine’s ambassador to Turkey, Vasyl Bodnar has said Germany’s decision not to supply weapons support to Ukraine should be changed.

So objectively speaking, we do not understand their behaviour, If they would like to prevent a war and to strengthen Ukraine’s defence capabilitie they should change their policy on Ukraine”

Ukraine’s Ambassador to Turkey

6:09pm Monday 24th January 2022

Germany’s Lufthansa Reschedules Several Ukraine Flights

At least two flights to Ukraine hav e already been rescheduled this week over mounting invasion fears according to German Airline company, Lufthansa.

6:09pm Monday 24th January 2022

Germany’s Lufthansa Reschedules Several Ukraine Flights

At least two flights to Ukraine hav e already been rescheduled this week over mounting invasion fears according to German Airline company, Lufthansa.

A Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt to Kyiv on Sunday afternoon was moved to Monday morning and Lufthansa’s Frankfurt-Kyiv flight scheduled for Monday afternoon was moved to Tuesday morning with no flight scheduled Wednesday.

Lufthansa service centre staff were quoted as saying this was because crew could no longer stay in Kyiv overnight due to the current “problems”.

5:28pm Monday 24th January 2022

EU Will Respond To Russian Cyber Attacks

Josep Borrell, The EU’s top diplomat has said it will respond to any Russian Cyber-attack while who chairing a meeting of EU foreign ministers.

“We will be ready to respond…. We are also looking to help Ukraine on cyber and hybrid threats,”

Josep Borrell, Top European Diplomat

5:25pm Monday 24th January 2022

Joe Biden To Speak With EU Leaders

We are hearing more from the White House on plans for US President Joe Biden to speak to European Leaders to discuss the ongoing tensions.

He will speak with many world leaders and important people including European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, European Council President Charles Michel, French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, Polish President Andrzej Duda and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson in a joint video call.

5:19pm Monday 24th January 2022

Canadian Diplomats To Remain In UKraine

Canadian PM, Justin Trudeau has said that Canadian Diplomats and their families can remain in Ukraine for the time being and Ottawa is constantly reviewing their safety.

When asked about the possibility of troops being sent to the region he said:

“There are many contingency plans in place and the safety of Canadian diplomats and their families is of course paramount … we will make determinations based on safety on the ground.”

Canadian PM, Justin Trudeau

5:08pm Monday 24th January 2022

Additional NATO Battlegroups Could Be Deployed

Secretary-general of the EU, Jens Stoltenberg has said additional NATO Battlegroups could be deployed in the east of the alliance during a briefing of reporters in Brussels

“We are considering to further enhance our presence in the eastern part of the alliance, this could include the deployment of additional NATO battlegroups,”

Jens Stoltenberg, EU Secretary-general

The announcement follows the deployment of several battalions in countries such as Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Poland being made up of air defences, tanks and surveillance units

4:38pm Monday 24th January 2022

Poland Not Sending Troops To Ukraine Border

The head of Polands National Security has said that the country will not be sending troops to its neighbor.

Pawel Soloch Said:

“We are talking about military help but there is no decision on this matter and there is no question of our army being present on the territory of Ukraine”

Pawel Soloch, Poland National Security Agency

4:07pm Monday 24th January 2022

US Finalizing Major Troop Movements To Eastern Europe

CNN is reporting the Biden Administration is in the final moments of deciding which “specific military units” it will send to Eastern Europe.

The reports say President Biden was presented with troop options during a meeting at Camp David on Saturday and include moving between 1,000 and 5,000 troops to Europe.

No final decision has yet been made, however the reports show a disturbing picture of what may unfold in the next few days

3:46pm Monday 24th January 2022

UK Accuses Russia of Trying To Subvert Democracy

Liz Truss, UK Foreign Minister has said that The United Kingdom will call out Russia over efforts to try and Subvery Democracy in Ukraine

“The reason we put that out into the public domain is we are going to call out every instance of Russia trying to influence democracy, trying to subvert Ukraine, false flag operations and sabotage,”

Liz Truss, UK Foreign Minister

She also relayed her concerns, while briefing reporters in Brussels, that the Nordstream 2 pipeline should not go ahead if a Russian invasion happens.

“I am very very concerned about Europe’s energy dependence on Russian gas and I am very clear that Nordstream 2 should not go ahead in the event on a Russian incursion.”

Liz Truss, UK Foreign Minister

3:46pm Monday 24th January 2022

Invasion Fears Rattle Cryptocurrency Markets

Bitcoin, Ethereum and major Altcoins have all suffered as the traditional markets crashed over the last week with both fears of inflation and the Easten Europe Crisis causing concern.

Bitcoin was trading at around the $33,400 level as of 8AM GMT and it has climed back up to $34,100 a few minutes ago.

Many crypto traders have been hit by a 50% drop over the last few weeks, down from highs of $68,000 back in December

3:33pm Monday 24th January 2022

Russian Stock Markets Plunge Over Invasion Fears

Billions of dollars have been wiped from the Russian Stock Markets over fears an invasion of the Ukraine is imminent.

The Moscow Times reported that Russian markets plunged by 10 percent at one point on Monday and other markets in London and New York were also down sharply at opening.

Its clear that any invasion could see severe sanctions hit Russian companies as well as a boycot from the US and Europe.

3:24pm Monday 24th January 2022

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskiy Thanks EU

Ukrainan President Volodymyr Zelenskiy has thanked the European Union for their support on Monday.

He telephoned European Council President Charles Michel and said:

“I’m grateful to you, Mr President of the European Council, and to the leaders of the EU countries, whose diplomats remain in our state and support us, doing their job.”

Ukrainan President Volodymyr Zelenskiy

It follows a statement by joint EU foreign ministers condemning Russia’s continued aggressive actions against Ukraine and called on Moscow to “de-escalate” the situation.

Russia VS Ukraine Crisis Live Blog - LATEST LIVE UPDATES
Ukrainan President Volodymyr Zelenskiy

3:19pm Monday 24th January 2022

EU Announces €1.2bn Financial Aid Package For Ukraine

The European Union has announced a large financial aid package for The Ukraine as it faces off against Russian aggression

Posting on Twitter, President of the EU Commission, Ursula von der Leyen said

“The EU stands by Ukraine. We are firm in our resolve. I am announcing a new financial assistance package, made of emergency loans and grants, to support Ukraine in the medium and long-term”

Ursula von der Leyen

2:52pm Monday 24th January 2022

Russian Naval Vessels Seen Heading To Baltic Sea – BREAKING

According to the RIA news agency, 20 Russian naval vessels have been seen heading into the Baltic sea for aparent Naval drills

The Baltic Navy has reportedly said the ships were conducting military excercises focused on naval and anti-aircraft defence.

More follows…

2:41pm Monday 24th January 2022

Russia Holds Naval Drills With China & Iran

Russia held several naval drills with both Iran and China while it held talks with The US on Friday it has been revealed.

A large detachment of its Pacific Fleet, including missile cruiser Varyag, anti-submarine ship Admiral Tributs and the sea tanker Boris Butoma arrived in the Iranian port of Chabahar.

Military drills included rescuing a floating vessel, releasing a hijacked vessel, shooting at various targets and other operational activities.

2:33pm Monday 24th January 2022

Russia Accuses West of Hysteria Over Ukraine

Russia has accused NATO and the wast of Hysteria after a statement from Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov

“As for specific actions, we see statements by the North Atlantic Alliance about reinforcement, pulling forces and resources to the eastern flank.

“All this leads to the fact that tensions are growing. This is not happening because of what we, Russia, are doing. This is all happening because of what Nato and the US are doing and due to the information they are spreading.”

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov

It follows a build up of over 100,000 troops on the border with Ukraine and a significant military build up in its neighbor Belarus

2:12pm Monday 24th January 2022

EU Condems Russian Aggression

Several foreign ministers within the EU have issued a joint statement condeming the “continued aggressive actions” or the Russian State.

The have called for Moscow to “de-escalate” and “abide by international law” and that any further military aggression by Russia towards Ukraine would result in “massive consequences and “severe costs”.

The statements have gone as far as saying Russia’s recent actions have threatened the peace of the European continent.

1:55pm Monday 24th January 2022

UK Rules Out Boots on The Ground In Ukraine

United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson has ruled out an immediate deployment of British Troops to Eastern Europe, according to the PM’s official spokesman

“We don’t speculate on things like sanctions, but certainly there will be significant economic measures put in place.”

UK PM official spokesman

Its understood that around 30 British diplomats, including the ambassador Melinda Simmons, remained in Ukraine.

Almost half of embassy staff, and their families, are set to be or have already been withdrawn from Ukraine.

1:30pm Monday 24th January 2022

NATO Moving Military Hardware To Eastern Europe

Its understood that the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation is sending additional ships and fighter jets to eastern Europe to counter the growing Russian threat.

Jens Stoltenberg, NATO secretary general welcomed the additional resources saying that to protect and defend allies the bloc will take all necessary measures.

“We will always respond to any deterioration of our security environment, including through strengthening our collective defence,”

Jens Stoltenberg, NATO secretary general

Its understood that a number of planes, ships and military hardware have already been deployed to Eastern Ukraine and this includes Anti-Tank weapons.

1:15pm Monday 24th January 2022

Boris Johnson Warns Putin Against Invading Ukraine

United Kingdom Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has warned Russian President Vladimir Putin against invading Ukraine describing and invasion as painful, violent and bloody business.

Speaking during a visit to a Milton Keynes Hospital the PM said:

“We also need to get a message that invading Ukraine, from a Russian perspective, is going to be a painful, violent and bloody business,

We’re leading on creating a package of economic sanctions and I think it’s very important that people in Russia understand that this could be a new Chechnya.”

“There is certainly a very, very large array of Russian forces and we have to take the necessary steps.

“I don’t think it’s by any means inevitable now, I think that sense can still prevail.”

Boris Johnson, UK Prime Minister

His comments follow invitations by the UK to Russia to hold talks in Moscow over the Russia Vs Ukraine crisis.

12:54pm Monday 24th January 2022

Hungarian Minister Does Not Want New Cold War In Europe

Hungarain foriegn minister, Peter Szijjarto has stated that the world may drop into a new cold war amid growing tensions between the NATO alliance and Russia.

“We don’t want a new Cold War. The Cold War period had tragic consequences in Central Eastern Europe, we wasted several decades.”

Hungarain Foriegn Minister, Peter Szijjarto

Its understood Hungary has been supporting all diplomatic efforts to resolve the stand-off between Russia and Ukraine as well as diplomatic assistance from the UK and US.

12:25pm Monday 24th January 2022

Half of UK Embassy Staff Leaving Kiev

The foriegn office has reported that over half its staff are in the process of leaving or have already left the UK’s embassy in Kiev.

In a post by James Landale from the BBC on Twitter, he said “the UK Foreign Office has started to withdraw some diplomats & families from the British embassy in Kiyv”

12:01pm Monday 24th January 2022

Latvia Asks For NATO Reinforcements

Latvia has officially asked for NATO reinforcements for its Eastern Border with Russia it has been revealed.

Foreign minister Edgars Rinkevics posted the following message on Facebook:

“We are reaching the point where a continuous Russian and Belarusian military buildup in Europe needs to be addressed by appropriate Nato countermeasures”

“It is time to increase allied forces’ presence on the alliance’s eastern flank both as measures of defence and deterrence.”

Europe’s Eastern flank currently has around 60 Russian disivions camped on its border and fears of an invasion are growing by the day.

11:36am Monday 24th January 2022

Anthony Blinken and EU Ministers Hold Emergency Talks

Expected to dial into a meeting with EU counterparts in Brussels on Monday, US secretary of state Anthony Blinken will brief them about last week’s talks with the Russian foreign minister, Sergie Lavrov.

Its understood that Russia made a series of formal security demands and these will be discussed in the meeting with the EU during the call.

It is understood the European Union, USA and other parties are drawing up further sanctions on Russia in an attempt to pressure it into not invading Ukraine.

11:06am Monday 24th January 2022

Russia announces military exercises off the coast of Ireland

Russian forces have announced planned military drills to take place off the coast of Ireland according to Ireland’s foreign affairs minister who has said the drills are “Not Welcome”.

The forces are scheduled to conduct drills 150 miles off the Irish south-west coast and would happen in international waters but still be within Irish controlled airspace and the country’s exclusive economic zone.

Ireland’s aviation authorities have been informed of the planned drills which is required under international law.

Russia VS Ukraine Crisis Live Blog - LATEST LIVE UPDATES

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