Saitama Will SKYROCKET To $0.0001 In Parabolic Run VERY SOON!

Saitama has been on a parabolic bull run and is currently up 3000% after appearing on several popular crypto YouTube Channel’s with Vegas wallet launch at Hakkasan Nightclub, Las Vegas in November and could be BIGGER THAN SHIB AND DOGE combined!

What Is Saitama?

Saitama inu

Saitama is a community driven meme coin that was launched by a development team based in California that aims to empower people of all ages to achieve financial well being and is based on the Ethereum Blockchain.

The token, which was launched on the Etherum Blockchain, has seen a massive increase in price over the last few days and reached 80,000 holders.

The coin features an “anti whale trap” which prevents large wallet holders from dumping their coins and causing price manipulation.

Saitama also has one of the most enthusiastic community’s of any Meme Coin with a large following on both YouTube and Twitter.

Why Is Saitama Popular?

Saitama Will SKYROCKET To $0.0001 In Parabolic Run VERY SOON!

Saitama has gained incredible popularity over the last few months mainly because of intense community support, a strong roadmap and the launch of both a marketplace and NFT system coming in the future.

The token recently announced a $50 million dollar partnership with celebrity rapper Willie D and it has also skyrocketed up the rankings on coinmarketcap, going from a 7000 position to 2709 at the time of writing.

Known as “The Wolfpack” the project has a dev team that is accesible 24 hours a day, across multiple languages.

What is the Future Price For Saitama?

Saitama Will SKYROCKET To $0.0001 In Parabolic Run VERY SOON!

Saitama has risen over 3000% in the last few months and it shows no signs of stopping as the launch of the coin aproaches with a possible price target of 0.000001 an easy target for the coin at the Saitamask launch.

In the long term, the price of the token could easily hit $0.0001 after the launch of Saitamask, the Saitama token dev teams much anticipated mobile wallet.

Overall the Saitama token could hit a price target of $0.0001 as it makes its way up the coinmarketcap chart, attracts new investors and completes its strong roadmap.

Insane YouTube Giveaways

Saitama Will SKYROCKET To $0.0001 In Parabolic Run VERY SOON!

Another reason why Saitama is so popular with investors is the large amount of coverage of the token with YouTubers and Twitch streamers.

One such channel is the Jake Gagain show, which covers the token on a daily basis and has some of the most intense giveaways of any YouTube channel to date.

The show, run by Jake Gagain himself, has featured many some of the developers of Saitama Inu and has a guest, named websurferguy, who often donates upwards of $6500 per live stream to be given away to the community.

The token has over 10,000 followers on Telegram, has a TikTok channel and has been listed on several small exchanges such as and major exchange listings in the future.

Future Plans For Saitama

Saitama Will SKYROCKET To $0.0001 In Parabolic Run VERY SOON!

The Saitama team has some massive plans for the token in the future and one of these is making women more a part of the Cryptocurrency community.

The Saitama Angels is being setup to empower women in Cryptocurrency and a team of powerful women have already been put together to launch this part of the project.

Other plans in the roadmap include a $50 milion multi-year partnership with Blaze games, TV and Radio Interviews and donations to both charities and Students.

Who Are The Saitama Dev Team?

Saitama Will SKYROCKET To $0.0001 In Parabolic Run VERY SOON!

There is a strong development team associated with the token and the team has made both private and public appearances on social media and in person, with them expected to attend the launch party in Las Vegas in November.

Steve – Steve, AKA Rocket Crypto, has a degree in finance and has a financial background in audit and financial statement analysis. He intends to bring awareness of SAITAMA to the masses through YouTube and other social media platforms.

Manpreet – Manpreet has over 15 years of running succesful businesses in The UK, Africa and India with a passion for community based projects that help him achieve his goals.

Max – Max is a technologist with experience in System Administration, Programming, software engineering and data science. He has managed large teams over different continents through 15 years of work and has several entrepreneurial ventures on-going.

Russell (COO) – A former Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary owner, Russell ha sspent 4 years working in crypto project development and has an MBA in business management with emphasis in finance.

Nam – Born and raised in Vietnam, Nam has 3 years experience in sales marketing and managment with a Bachelor in Biochemistry, he is currently in-charge of marketing the wallet and marketing project strategies.

Gabriel – Currently based in Rio De Janeiro, Gabriel has over 20 years experience working with media and advertising and currently leads the branding department for Saitama. Gabriel has developed media campaigns for company’s such as Coca-Cola, Samsung and HBO.

Aaron – With a double major in supply chain and finance, Aaron is also trained in Business Analytics, implimentation and quality assurance. He is currently working as a marketing cont ent creator for Saitama.

Where Can I Find More Information?

If you would like more information on the Token you can visit their website by CLICKING HERE or head over to their various social media platforms on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

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