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Steve Wozniak, is an American electronics engineer, programmer, philanthropist, and technology entrepreneur, today we look at his net worth and lifestyle.


NAME: Stephen Gary Wozniak
OCCUPATION: Businessman
BIRTHDAY: 11th August 1950
PLACE OF RESIDENCE: Los Gatos, California, USA


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Born and raised in San Jose, California, Steve Wozniak graduated from Homestead High School in 1968 and is of both Polish and Ukrainian ancestry.

Wozniak earned the nickname “Berkeley Blue” within the telecomunications industry after he developed a blue box design, an electronic device that allows electronic call routing.

He originally watched Star Trek and attended many conventions in his younger years and credits this to the reasons for helping Steve Jobs found Apple Inc.


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Steve Wozniak returned to San Francisco in 1969 having been expeleld from University in Colorado after he hacked the campus computer system.

He enrolled at a college in California before moving onto the University of California, Berkeley, in 1971 where he designed and built his first computer, named Cream Soda.

Wozniak was hired by Hewlett-Packard to design calculators in his first job and after dropping out of University, he met fellow computer enthusiast Steve Jobs.

Steve and Wozniak began building their own versions of blue boxes and with Wozniak handeling the components and Jobs handeling the marketing, they managed to sell them for $150 dollars each.

In 1975, Steve Wozniak began developing the famous Apple 1, a computer that would launch Apple Inc and send him and Jobs on the road to becoming world famous.

He helped design both the Apple 2 and Macintosh with Wozniak once again the innovator and inventor, and Steve Jobs handeling all the marketing.

Wozniack was involved in a helicopter crash in California on February 7th, 1981 and was seriously hurt in the crash with serious head and neck injury’s

This was not the last time he worked for Apple and went on to complete his degree at UC Berkeley following it up with a Diploma soon after.

He made a brief return to Apple product development in the mid-1980’s however the fun of the early days was now clearly gone and in early 1985 he left the company and sold all his stock.

Steve Wozniak founded CL 9 in 1985 and helped design the worlds first programable remote control by 1987.

Although Wozniak left Apple in the 1980’s, he never removed his name from the list of company employees and has been seen to represent the company at events and in interviews over the years.


steve wozniak house

Looking like a giant Apple device on the inside, Steve Wozniak’s former California home has now sold for $3.9 millon dollars after a hefty struggle to sell the home led to several price reductions.

Designed by Wozniak from the ground up, the home has one key missing feature that most people in Woz’s field require… a cell service.

Built in a black spot, the home features a volcano, a cave in the backyard and a bedroom covered in thousands of LEDs .

The home was designed with his children in mind, but now they have moved on to greater things, and his desperate need for a phone call, he moved onto a bigger and, we hope, better home!


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Steve Wozniak has been married a number of times and his former partners include gold medal winner Candice Clark who he has three children with.

He went through several more marriages that included former partners such as Alice Robertson and Suzanne Mulkern.

Another relationship stemmed from a high-profile fling with actress Kathy Griffinand he later married his current wife, Janet Hill in 2008.

Steves mother was Margaret Louise Wozniak and his father,  Jerry Wozniak worked for Lockheed Corporation, today known as Lockheed Martain, Skunk Works.


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Steve Wozniak has some interesting friends, and one of these is the famous Stevo from Jackass and MTV.

Some of the other friends he knows in the computer and business world include Bill and Melinda Gates, Warren Buffet and Andy Hertzfeld while still being friends with many at Apple today including Tim Cook.

Two of his really good friends, Steve Jobs and Microsoft’s Paul Allen have sadly passed away, however he is still good friends with Bill Fernandez, with whom he built his first computer.


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Steve Wozniak has provided some helpful funding to the Electronic Frontier Foundation in 1990 and is a sponsor of the Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose.

He keeps his local school in Los Gatos funded all year round and in 1979, Wozniak was awarded the ACM Grace Murray Hopper Award.

He has won many other awards including the National Medal of Technology and the Isaac Asimov Science Award.

Steve Wozniak has been mentioned in thousands of TV documentaries, films and media articles and was described by Wired Magazine as a person of tolerant, ingenuous self-esteem.

He appeared on dancing with the stars and was eliminated from the competition early.

He enjoys the occasional game of Nintendo Tetris and often hit the number 1 rankings of the Nintendo Power listings in 1988.

He applied for Australian citizenship in 2012 and has stated that if he could choose anywhere to live in the future, it would be Melbourne Australia.

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