Top 10 Most Dangerous SCP Monsters In Containment 2022

Today we look at the Top 10 Most Dangerous SCP Monsters In Containment 2022 including such anomalies including The Plague Doctor and The Flesh That Hates.

Top 10 Most Dangerous SCP

10 – SCP-2317

Containment Class – Keter

Names – Door To Another World or The Devourer of Worlds

First discovered in 1922, SCP-2317 is secured at Containment Area-179 in a reinforced 3m x 3m x 3m containment chamber, there is what looks like a simple wooden door.

Those who have read the SCP files will know, however, that this is no ordinary wooden door and hides something so terrifying, it must never ever be opened.

Armed guards stand in place at all times in order to prevent unauthorized access to the facility and all personnel must undergow psychological counseling after two months on-site and testing before being assigned to containment.

Individuals must score at least 72 points on the Milgram Obedience Examination, have no offspring, express nothing less than total loyalty to the Foundation and be un-married.

Acting as a sort of Ark of the Covenant, the door acts as a portal to an alternate reality that leads to a barren salt pan that has been explored up to several kilometers.

Seven pillars sit in a circle that covers roughly ten-meters in diameter and extend two hundred meters below the surface with a large chamber at the end.

Contained within this chamber is an obese humanlike creature with horns resembling tree branches and a body covered in millions of overlapping plate-like scales.

The entity is connected to the pillar by 7 chains, 6 of which are damaged or broken with the final chain thought to be holding back an XK-Class End of the World Scenario.

SCP-2317 is considered such a threat to our world, that a 1 Kiloton nucleur device is placed atop the entity at all times, in case of containment faliure.

Top 10 Most Dangerous SCP Monsters In Containment 2022

9 – SCP-682

Containment Class – Keter

Name – Un-Killable Lizard

Described as a reptile-like creature that can engage in complex communication SCP-682 appears to have a hatred of everything living.

Observed to have extremely high strength, speed, and reflexes, the creature has made frequent attempts at containment breach.

Personnel are forbidden to speak to SCP-682 and the creature is currently contained at an undisclosed location which is 50 kilometers clear of all civilzation.

SCP-682 appears to gaim energy from anything it ingests and appears to have a set of gills inside its nostrils, cannot be killed and cannot be tranqualised.

Current succesfull escapes total 17 and no fewer than seven personell are cleared to engage the creature at any one time should an escape occour.

Containment procedures should include a 5 m x 5 m x 5 m chamber with 25 cm reinforced acid-resistant steel plate lining all inside surfaces.

The containment chamber is filled with hydrochloric acid until SCP-682 is submerged and incapacitated with any attempts to communicate reacted to immedietly.

Top 10 Most Dangerous SCP Monsters In Containment 2022

8 – SCP-049-J

Containment Class – Euclid

Name – The Doctor

Currently contained at a Special Restricted High Security near Richmond, Virginia, SCP-049-J is described as a humanoid creature taking the form of a medieval plague doctor.

Generally compliant with Foundation staff, SCP-049-J has a tendancy to lie and sweat profusely, contineasly claiming to be a powerful magical doctor.

Two guards armed with AR-15 rifles and stun batons must supervise SCP-049-J when leaving its holding cell at all times.

The entity is under no circumstances allowed to remove its mask and is known for its repeated escape attempts and is suspected of mass murder.

SCP-049-J has not been able too cure anything to this date, in-fact, most encounters result in quite the opposite for unfortunate patients.

Top 10 Most Dangerous SCP Monsters In Containment 2022

7 – SCP-173

Containment Class – Euclid

Name – The Sculpture

Considered to have been copied from an episode of doctor who where demonic angels move when not being looked at, SCP-173 was actually created 2 months before this episode ever aired.

SCP-173 can only move when not directly in a person’s line of sight and this must not be broken at any time.

Its secure containment includes a large metalic box and secure containment door and should SCP-173 line of sight be broken, death by strangulation of the snapping of the neck at the base of the skull are a real possibility.

The SCP emits some kind of brown liquid and orders from the foundation state that the cell must be cleaned on a bi-weekly basis to contain a possible replication of SCP-173

SCP-173 is thought to use a hive mind and has multiplied itself a number of times in the past, resulting in several containment breaches and foundation personnel fatalities.

Top 10 Most Dangerous SCP Monsters In Containment 2022

6 – SCP 1048

Containment Class – Keter

Name – The Teddy or Builder Bear

Described as 33cm in hieght, SCP-1048 is described as a small teddy bear with no unsual obvious qualities upon observation and was initially classed as safe.

SCP-1048, however is not to be considered a childrens toy at any time and is capable of moving on its own accord.

The SCP can communicate with humans through several hand movements and can show affection the same way as human beings including hugs, dancing and jumping.

Able to duplicate itself multiple times, it has the ability to collect materials to duplicate further and can shreik like a banshee killing anyone close to it.

SCP-1048 and its clones not currently contained and are believed to be somewhere within its original containment facility, site 24.

Any attempts to re-capture the SCP should be undertaken with sufficient head and ear protection, possibly a foundation class hazmat suit.

Top 10 Most Dangerous SCP Monsters In Containment 2022

5 – SCP 035

Containment Class – Keter

Name – Theatre Mask

Able to change its appearance, this white ceramic theatre mask is not to be underestimated when being observed and is classified as a sentient object.

It may emit a corrosive liquid at various times, can only be visible form the front and can force a subject to put the mask on if getting within 2 meters of said object.

When a subject wears the mask, it is able to corrupt other beings within a certain distance and is said to have significant knowledge of the human brain.

The mask is able to take control of anything with a humanoid shape and this includes statues and even corpses.

Containment facilities include a hermetically sealed glass case that is four inches thick and is placed in a steel, iron and lead shielded room.

Doors are to be kept triple locked and guards are not allowed to venture inside the containment room at any time.

Top 10 Most Dangerous SCP Monsters In Containment 2022

4 – SCP 610

Containment Class – Keter

Name – The Flesh That Hates

Starting out as a small rash, SCP-610 can cause both intense itching at the viral start point and later, whole skin sensitivity.

Within three hours the infection has spread to both the lynph nodes and other parts of the body, within 5 hours of exposure death has occoured and the re-animation of the infected begins at 3 times the normal speed.

The virus has the ability to clone certain body parts and grow them on the deceasesd with high contagious pathogens reported to have overrun several townships in Russia.

Spreading by direct physical contact only, exact origins of the virus are currently unkown however it is thought to have emerged in the Soviet era.

Containment of SCP-610 is currently considered impossible and both incendiary weapons and small arms fire have been effective at containing any threat posed by infected individuals.

Containments remain in place around several parts of Lake Baikal in Southern Siberia and access is restricted to foundation personnel only.

Top 10 Most Dangerous SCP Monsters In Containment 2022

3 – SCP 122

Containment Class – Keter

Name – Demonic Night Light

When in an un-powered state, this childrens night light can cause REM sleep in anyone that comes into contact with it.

Figures including a black shadow have been seen close to or next to the light and it has the power to cause psycologically tormenting dreams.

SCP-122 was discovered in a childrens hospital after being brought in with a patient who was admitted and no record of that patient has ever been found.

Containment includes a standard cell with a single electrical plug and is monitored at all times, both through remote CCTV and personnel.

SCP Personnel are advised to keep SCP-122 powered at all times and are to avoid direct contact with the entity.

Top 10 Most Dangerous SCP Monsters In Containment 2022

2 – SCP 871

Containment Class – Keter

Name – The Cupcake

Described as a collection of 237 cakes that vary widely in appearance and size, SCP-871 appears to be able to replicate itself when being eaten.

The mechanism by which SCP-871 replicates is currently unknown however danger has been observed where the entity is not fully consumed.

Failure to fully consume SCP-871 can result in a new instance to be created in its vicinity after 24 hours regardless of previous entity’s.

Where more than 10% of the mass of an instance remained unconsumed minor characteristics between each instance have been observed.

Replication is currently unstoppable and it has been noted that uncontained instances could replicate exponentially causing serious problems at any site.

The foundation has run simulations suggesting a single outbreak could render the earth uninhabitable within 80 days.

Top 10 Most Dangerous SCP Monsters In Containment 2022

1 – SCP 096

Containment Class Euclid

Name – The Shy Guy

One of the most dangerous SCP’s known to exist, SCP-096 is a humanoid entity that features almost no hair on its body and limbs that match no proportion to the rest of its body.

Known to have abilities similar to that of an Enderman in minecraft, The Shy Guy does not seem to have a problem with anything around it until you look directly at its face.

Abilities include increased speed, increased strength and a loud shreaking noise made when charging at its victims when severly emotionally distressed.

The entity’s jaw has the ability to open four times that of a normal human, however no signs of any higher brain functions have been seen and entity is not considered to be sapient.

SCP-066 can run at speeds of up to 36 kilometers per hour and has the ability to leave no trace of biological matter after dealing with its victims.

Containment includes a 5 m x 5 m x 5 m airtight steel cube fitted with pre-installed pressure sensors and laser detectors.

Absoloutley no video, photos or recordings of the entity are permitted and if a containment breach should occour, retrieval of SCP-096 is considered Alpha priority.
Although not able to create an AK-Clkass event, SCP-096 is considered by the foundation

Top 10 Most Dangerous SCP Monsters In Containment 2022

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