Top 50 Billionaire Concept Yachts For 2019

Today Vidello Productions is taking a detailed look at some of the up-coming Billionaire Concept Yachts For 2019 as part of our Billionaire lifestyles series on YouTube.

50 – The “Invisible” Super-Yacht Concept

Clad in mirrors and designed to be almost invisible on the horizon, vertical panels on this superyacht concept show you exactly where this list is going to take your imagination!

Mirage as the concept is being called was designed by both Dutch and Italian design companies and prices are expected to reach £200 million (just over $264 million) in build costs.

There are six-decks in total featuring a helipad, spa, outdoor cinema, and theatre while he 4,200-tonne vessel can sleep a total of 43 people including 14 guests and 29 crew members.

She can cruise at a comfortable speed of 19 knots and while on-board, guests and the owner will get the feeling of floating on air!

49 – Admiral X-Force 145

In what could be one of the world’s most expensive concept designs, this 465-foot vessel is decorated with crystal chandeliers and solid marble floors.

Admiral X Force 145 is not your everyday mega-yacht and has an estimated price tag after the construction of $1 Billion Dollars.

Longer than two jumbo jets or one-and-a-half football fields, the concept has a huge chandelier surrounded by a circular staircase on the main deck.

Half a deck is reserved for the owner with a magnificent master bedroom and this is surrounded by a Zen garden and balcony.

Floor to ceiling windows and skylights are incorporated throughout the design and three guest suites also allow friends to sleepover.

48 – Acionna Giga-yacht

This impressive 574-foot eight-deck motor yacht has been designed by British designer Andy Waugh and she features many impressive amenities including a 66-foot indoor pool.

Other features include a full-size squash court, helicopter hanger and advanced concept hydrogen propulsion system.

The double-height main saloon features panoramic curved glass overlooking the main aft-deck pool and panoramic curved glass dominates on many of the 8 decks.

47 – Amara Concept

Oceanco is world-famous for bringing out interesting concept yacht designs and the Amara Concept is no exception.

Covering 120 meters, Amara has been developed in collaboration with Australian designer Sam Sorgiovanni and features luxurious onboard accommodation for up to 20 guests.

The best part of the design is the superyacht beach club, which features three-fold-down platforms to access to the sea, a beauty salon and on-board cinema.

There is a large swimming pool on the next deck up which is fed by a spectacular waterfall and features a swim-up bar.

The upper deck features a dedicated owner’s apartment with a private spa pool and al fresco dining space, while the gym and cabana-style open-air cinema on the sundeck complete the setup!

46 – The Valkyrie Project

The boat of a Bond Villan, the 49-meter-long Valkyrie Project will be longer than the current leader of the largest yachts, the 180m Azzam, owned by Khalifa bin Zayed al Nahyan.

52 guests and 92 crew members can be accommodated on-board and one deck will be exclusively accessible by the owner.

She has aluminum and specially made carbon-fiber structure with features such as a casino, theatre, ocean mall, restaurants and exhibition halls.

To create Valkyrie, it would cost around $800 million dollars however the designers have had a few interesting offers.

45 – Xhibitionist Yacht

The $16 Million-dollar Xhibitionist concept Yacht is intelligently designed and finely tuned to turn heads with room for up to 8 cars in its super-garage alone.

The yacht is covered in solar panels, making it both efficient and sleek, as well as providing the yacht with free energy that can be used on the OceanLED lighting.

The fore-deck can convert into three large helipads and there is a shopping complex with numerous shops located on-board.

Said to resemble the Batmobile, it has a Jacuzzi on the relaxation deck and a Steinway piano further below and comes in at 229 feet wide.

44 – Tuhura Concept

The 400-foot-long Tuhura Concept is Unlike Any Other design on this list and was unveiled the Dubai International Boat Show.

The exterior styling is reminiscent of early dugout canoes and is designed to be a technological marvel with every conceivable comfort.

Featuring multiple horizontal windows with advanced glass technology, the interior lounge has a 360-degree fireplace, that is computer-controlled.

There are computer controls for, lighting, audio, video, and curtains, but controls will also monitor behavior aboard regarding preferences such as music and temperature.

Plans to create a 360 room include a multipurpose space for both interactive design and information… a sort of 360-degree office!

43 – Project Utopia

Think of a small moving city that doubles as a yacht for private trips… Welcome to Project Utopia with its eleven decks, 13th-floor observatory and innovative floating platforms.

Accommodation and service spaces are situated across all decks and access to the structure is achieved through multiple helipads and a wet dock.

She is split into different “sectors” with a retail district, theatre, culinary zone containing a mix of restaurants and an entertainment zone featuring bars, nightclubs, and a casino.

Looked for a price on this one and so far, it’s not under $1 Billion Dollars, I’m guessing more after construction costs and decorating!

42 – Double Century

Double Century is a 200m superyacht that could become the largest private yacht built to date and is basically what happens when 4Yacht joins forces with renowned international designer Christopher Seymour.

Double Century features 9 decks, rising 27 meters above the sea and is twice as long as a typical football field.

With not one, but two helipads, owners and guests can access the vessel at the same time no matter where she is and a third helicopter can also be stored below the deck.

The below-deck disco includes a large dance floor, bar and turntable area and her theater/stage on Deck 4 can seat up to 126 guests.

Finally, if that was not enough, there are large swimming pools with quarter moon lounges, beauty, and massage areas, open gym with saunas, a library with a garden, New York-style, and Monte Carlo-style cafes, a cinema and a huge beach club.

41 – Esquel Concept

Coming from the Lateral Naval Architects design team, the Esquel Concept is a 105-meter (345ft) diesel-electric driven super-yacht that has been designed to explore new territories.

The design is equipped with a state-of-the-art sustainable compact diesel-electric architecture and she has a cruising range of 7,000 nautical miles with a top speed of 16.5 knots.

Working with the team at Pelorus to fully understand the true nature of adventures in remote places, Esquel has been designed and engineered to carry and deploy two submarines, a land vehicle, and motorbikes, as well as accommodate a helicopter.

40 – Manifesto

The 71m catamaran mega yacht MANIFESTO concept has been designed by French-based naval architects and designers, VPLP Design.

Light is said to flow from everywhere and each particular area is designed to suit a special moment of the day.

The design features a deck reserved for crew access that means you won’t see all 17 of them as they go about their duties.

The hull & superstructure are made from Aluminum / Composite and on-board features include a Japanese bath, Spa, swimming pool, Fully Equipped Gym, cinema, helipad, 3-person submarine, and Sauna.

39 – Technicon Carat 187

Carat 187 is a dramatic 187ft superyacht concept created by an international design team and was designed to build something completely unique.

Features include a spacious sun deck that retracts to reveal a heated pool and Inside is a total of five luxurious guest rooms and a huge master suite overlooking the ship’s theater and bar areas.

On the back, there is a relaxation area that appears to float on the sea and docking bays have cascading crimson staircases.

38 – Goliath Alexis

Designed to have an Ice Breaker Hull, the Goliath Alexis concept is designed by Steve Kozloff and has enough space for four small helicopters.

The ship has some interesting features including heated handrails and doors to mitigate icing problems and can hold two submarines along with multiple tenders.

She could cover 20,000nm and has a length of 384-feet with a generous owner’s suite, an open sky bar and the capacity to transport 20 guests.

37 – The Kraken

Looking like something out of Anno 2070, the Kraken is a 75-meter catamaran concept by Gray Design that could reach 35 knots and consists of four decks.

There is a raised pilothouse, offering good panoramic visibility, large beach club, and reception area and has metallic paintwork with red highlights.

The only photos of the inside that we could find, feature the saloon area, which shows a pair of curved staircases and some impressive lighting features.

36 – Origin 575

Another trimaran concept, Origin 575 has been designed for active explorers and has both ocean crossing capability and an emphasis on both comfort and speed.

Performance is impressive with a top speed of 28 knots and a range of between 4,000 and 5,000 nautical miles at 18 knots.

The design can accommodate 10 guests and 8 crew, features a mini-submarine and a 4.5m tender while the stern garage offers storage for a 6m tender and personal watercraft.

35 – Project Moonstone

Van Geest Design made headlines when they unveiled their concept, Project Moonstone, as the hull literally reflects the shimmering water.

The boat would feature a full-color exterior lighting system that is controllable by the owner’s mobile phone and features a camouflage mode, which can reflect the beauty of a sunset.

At 90 meters, it would be powered by twin MTU 20V4000 M73L engines and yes, the exterior lighting system can adapt once again to reflect its environment upon arrival.

34 – Dragonship 80

Designed as the largest ‘sui generis’ sailing trimaran in the world, Dragonship 80 features ultimate stability combined with an incredibly spacious and luxurious interior.

The concept features a fully rotational carbon fiber mast system, near-silent running even when under power and offers both low carbon fuel and near-zero emissions.

Facilities on the main deck will include the Saloon, Bar, Dining Room, Library, Spa, a Gym and on the other decks, you will find the sky-lounge, exterior bar, the Spa Pool and spacious sun-pad area.

33 – Kokomo Ailand

This artificial floating island which has been kitted out to act as a luxurious private retreat for water-loving billionaires is supported by four pylons that lift the bulk of the platform out of the water.

The well-equipped island features a helipad and mooring stations for boats allowing for a variety of ways on and off the structure.

There is a beach deck with an entertainment pool and barbecue area, as well as a garden zone with an outdoor dining and a large central pool complete with waterfalls.

32 – Epiphany

Featuring a unique silhouette and covering a length of 130 meters, this concept uses the minimum of styling lines and structures creating a dramatic and elegant effect.

The bridge of the vessel is situated on the upper deck providing amazing views with a main central lobby and owner’s library with a balcony overlooking a double-height lounge on the owner’s deck below.

The owner’s deck is vast, with it including a stateroom, a private foredeck with seating areas and a Jacuzzi.

Another main feature is the owner’s private cinema as well as an imposing owner’s office for those that need to get that extra bit of work done during a voyage.

31 – Hypnosquid

Roberto Curtó’s 63.2 meter Hypnosquid is a concept with a difference, in that it has its own completely unique design both inside and out.

Not only does it have LED windows on the outside, but it has also been designed in the shape of a cuttlefish.

With room for 10 guests and 12 crew, some of the other features include an onboard garden, massage center, and cinema room.

Guests can watch the chef live in the dining room and its jacuzzi has a fantastic waterfall feature.

30 – Shaddai

Designed by Gabriele Teruzzi and giving the best view in the house by far, the Shaddai concept features several spectacular superyacht pools.

The superstructure includes a master suite and 105 square meter beach club suspended 38 meters above the main aft deck.

The design has been named after the Hebrew word for omnipotence and has a semi-submerged relaxation area and an infinity pool next to it.

Shaddai has been described as one of the most outrageous superyachts ever conceived and is thought to be so expensive, a price has not even been considered.

29 – Wind Motion

Naval architect Mathis Rühl is the designer behind this 70-meter trimaran superyacht concept called Wind Motion.

The concept features multiple rotating twin wing masts fitted with foldable sails that are fully automated and provide all of the yacht’s main propulsion.

Relaxation areas offer space for sun loungers on both the foredeck and the aft deck while other features include a central sky-lounge but the interior is a closely guarded secret.

28 – Project Origami

Moving into an Asian theme of super-yacht design now, and the concept Origami Project has been designed by Monaco-based artist George Lucian.

The 100-meter concept features a portside section that folds out to create a touch-and-go superyacht helipad and has a glass-sided observation lounge.

There is a full-beam swimming pool, crow’s nest and the whole boat looks like a piece of Origami when seen from above, it’s definitely one of the more interesting concepts on this list!

27 – Elyon

Husband and wife design team Demetrius and Dana Tanase have given us something amazing, their concept design for 110-meter project Elyon.

This is by far one of the smartest designs on our list and the concept gives a very modern feel and has a multitude of onboard features.

Some of these include both indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a spa, gym and wellness area, and even a casino room.

There is an amazing sloped reverse bow, accommodation for up to 30 guests and the ship would be able to travel with a top speed of 18 knots.

26 – Project Ghost

The team at Ken Freivokh Design followed a more minimalist approach when designing the concept for Project Ghost.

The super-structure of the yacht has been left visible and has wide openings inside with areas split by large shell doors.

The outside features a light-sensitive film on the skin of the yacht, which generates enough power to run the whole ship, perfect for those billionaire climate change enthusiasts!

25 – Mauna Kea

This modern and fresh concept yacht, designed by Italian designer Roberto Curtó, has been named after a dormant Hawaiian volcano.

Featuring two staircases that lead down from the upper deck, the aft staircase has a central water slide that allows guests to splashdown in the pool below.

Brokerage firm SuperYachtsMonaco and potential build partner Fincantieri Yachts have taken a great deal of interest in this design that has a top speed of 16.5 knots and a maximum cruising range of 6,000 nautical miles

24 – Caronte

Looking slightly like the Spanish Galleons of old, Caronte is a 58-meter concept yacht that has been designed by Italian studio Lazzarini Design.

The aft garage can easily fit two super-cars and the dining area can easily seat up to 10 guests.

Other features include an upper deck helipad, a 4.5-meter spa pool, and a concealed superyacht gym… its truly a concept for anyone wanting to live out their inner pirate.

23 – Taboo

If you’re looking for a yacht that can transverse the globe, the Taboo concept that has been developed by Gill Schmid Design and Tim Dempers Studio is the yacht for you.

The yacht is designed to give access to a plane, helicopter, submarine, and amphibious car, along with a large number of luxury tenders.

One-way glass gives panoramic views from the owner and VIP suites and Accommodation is for 26 guests and 40 crew.

One of the best features about this yacht design is the super-swimming pool that has an aquarium next to it, letting you swim next to marine life.

22 – Intimisea

Placing a strong emphasis on wide-open spaces, 100-meter concept yacht Intimisea has a sprawling aft deck with a huge swimming pool, that can be accessed via four slides on the upper deck.

The main features include a foredeck helipad, owner’s deck, gym, 45-person cinema, and an onboard casino.

The concept can accommodate 12 guests and 25 crewmembers, and thanks to good hull design, can travel at a cruising speed of 16 knots.

21 – California

Stretching to 135 meters, and designed by Kurt Stand, California is an extremely spacious yacht that has an ultra-modern exterior.

The yachts three swimming pools on the aft decks create the effect of a cascading waterfall and one of them even includes a surf-riding machine.

She has a capacity for 24 guests and 50 crew, has her own bowling alley, a 24-seat cinema, and a classic car showroom, along with a koi pond and runs on power provided by a 60-tonne lithium-ion battery bank.

20 – The Streets of Monaco

If you have ever seen some of the larger Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships, then you may be reminded of them when it comes to “The Streets of Monaco”.

Designed by Yacht Island Design this 155-meter concept has a fully functional go-kart track that is actually based on the original Monaco F1 Track design, including the tunnel.

It has a central hub that links the various living areas, an ornate spiral staircase and a glass-bottomed fountain that can be seen from the garden above.

Features of this behemoth include a gym, “cafe” and spa. VIP suites, which measure a whopping 3,800 square feet each and an owner’s cabin that is, even more luxurious, measuring more than 15,000 square feet over three floors.

19 – Komorebi

This interesting concept has been designed by VPLP Design and 86-meter trimaran sailing yacht that is a hybrid between a sailing vessel and a power yacht.

The design is very open, letting light flow into the open areas of the concept, and it has a hybrid model that provides impressive fuel saving and a tree on the aft deck.

Two fully automated wing rigs make it capable of 20 knots and it is both highly efficient and stable when under the power of standing still.

18 – California

This 80-meter superyacht concept from Dutch studio Sea Level Yacht Design has been drawn up as a part yacht, part car showroom.

The CF8 can accommodate a large car collection for visitors to admire and the design features a glass skin that lets an enormous amount of light into the public areas.

The upper deck features several relaxation areas that lead down to a helipad on the front.

17 – Era

Created by Ricky Smith, Era is an 80-meter concept yacht that features a reverse bow, stacked foredeck superstructure and flowing, organic lines.

The yacht would have a top speed of 25 knots, accommodation is for 20 guests and 24 crew and impressive features include a superyacht beach club, a main deck swimming pool, and a side-loading tender garage.

There is an upper deck with a helipad that can easily accommodate a Bell 427 or a Eurocopter EC145.

16 – Tetra

Looking like something out of a science fiction film, the Tetra Super-Yacht concept has been designed by Jonathan Schwinge, who is looking to join forces with wild yacht design to make this yacht a reality.

The concept features a torpedo hull that makes the yacht seem to “fly” at speeds of up to 38 knots while measuring just 21.6 meters.

When the yacht is not moving, it takes on the shape of a trimaran, floating on three underbelly hulls with accommodation for six guests and four crew.

15 – Solaris

This 44-meter concept yacht has been created by Duffy London, a British studio six 2,600hp engines that would run off a combination of solar power and alcohol

The yacht would have a decent top speed of 45 knots, could accommodate 10 guests and seven crew and it actually has a price tag, Solaris can be yours for a cool £25 million

14 – Tropical Island Paradise

Similar to another concept yacht we have coming up, Tropical Island Paradise has been designed by the team at Yacht Island Design.

The exterior main deck includes a huge swimming pool, cabanas, and a bar, while the standout feature is the volcano that has a waterfall emerging from it.

The owner’s suite is situated on the side of the volcano and covers two decks and the large aft deck has a helicopter landing pad.

The deployable beach deck, which folds down from the stern to create an area for sea level relaxation is perfect for private relaxation days!

13 – neWWave

Featuring a flowing aluminum super-structure, the neWWave has been designed with Middle Eastern culture and modern architecture in mind.

The design creates a visual blurring of the decks and the neWWave features a dedicated prayer room and a multi-level owner’s suite that covers the top two decks.

Other features include four large aft decks with a ten-meter aft deck swimming pool, fire pit, alfresco dining area, and spa pool, with the concept designed to achieve a top speed of 16 knots.

12 – Project Choice

One concept design which caused quite a stir at the Monaco Yacht Show, Project Choice measures 74.5 meters.

Thanks to its fuel-efficient design will burn 29% less fuel than an equivalent 80-meter superyacht.

Interesting features include a two-person passenger drone and a pair of integral tenders charge the central battery bank.

Cutting-edge tech is also included in the design, such as a motion-compensation pool that uses magnetic levitation to resist any rolling motion, meaning the water stays perfectly still in choppy seas… amazing stuff!

11 – Hareide Design Concept

Norwegian studio Hareide Design is behind this concept yacht and its length comes in at a hefty 108 meters.

She features a gentle sloping aft section that gradually lowers you down to the water and also doubles as a relaxation area.

A multifunctional grand hall provides uninterrupted views of the ocean and the well-designed interiors sit over 3 levels and feature floor to ceiling windows and wood floors.

10 – Project Ego

Designed by Mauro Giamboi, Project Ego is a new 36-meter superyacht concept that features an enormous 12.8-meter beam.

On-board facilities include a vast saloon and two guest cabins on the main deck, however, its main feature is a transformable transom, which allows guests to relax near to the sea.

9 – Trilobis 65

Turning now to a more rounded design, the Trilobis 65 concept is an eco-yacht with a difference in that it is powered by solar energy and hydrogen fuel cells.

Six people are able to live on-board and the living space is a well-designed, self-sufficient non-polluting habitat.

Unique features include an underwater observation deck with 360-degree views and a custom computer system that identifies marine life coming close to the yacht.

8 – Bolla

This 65-meter superyacht concept won bronze in the yacht and marine vessels category in 2015 and we can definitely see why!

She would feature a large diving center, onboard vegetable garden and a large relaxation area that would be a favorite of the eco-billionaire.

The hull is filled with windows that light up the interior of the vessel and the onboard plants actually managed the air temperature.

7 – Dare to Dream

Designed by George Lucian, this concept is a 140-meter airship carrier that aims to please those who are just as passionate about aviation as they are the high seas.

The successful billionaire has access to an enormous aft deck with a helipad and circular swimming pool.

Cabins are located on the lower deck and the onboard saloon will serve up a great drink or fabulous meal while you relax in comfortable surroundings.

6 – Jazz

If you like windows, then Architect Zaha Hadid’s 90-meter concept Yacht Jazz is the perfect choice for you. She has been designed to contain larger interiors and the removal of external supports free up the interior for huge, unbroken spaces.

One of the best things about the Jazz design can be customized to the needs of the owner, so anything is possible when buying one of these!

5 – L3

This project, created by McPherson Yacht Design and Nigel Gee, is a huge 85-meter residence that can host many toys for fun in the sun.

Touching 40 knots, the L3 concept could go much faster than almost any yacht this size thanks to a hybrid CODAG propulsion system.

4 – Seataci

Designer Charles Bombardier has come up with this very interesting and half-submerged concept yacht which aims to mimic the movement of a whale.

Two submerged pods drive the yacht forward with the aft section, also under-water gives both stability and control.

Features include a pair of superyacht swimming pools, a tropical garden and what looks to be helipads on the roof.

3 – Star

Is it a yacht or is it something else entirely? No, it is actually a yacht, but its shaped like the top half of a star and has been designed by Lobanov Design.

This 132-meter yacht concept is taller than many yachts and has a height of around 60 meters from the water to the top of the point.

Views from the observation platform would be un-real and four lifts would provide access across eight decks.

2 – L’Amage

190 Meters makes this one of the larger concept designs on our list, and L’Amage certainly delivers on its size, dwarfing even 180-meter real-life mega-yacht Azzam.

Designed by HBD Studios, she can carry 30 guests, across 15 cabins and can hold 70 staff members.

There is a helipad on the front that also has satellites built into its wings, with other features including an onboard beach club with fire pits and an MTU CODAG propulsion system for a top speed of 32 knots and a range of 6000 nautical miles.

1 – Black Swan

Sleek, Dark and very sinister-looking, Black Swan is a concept yacht that Turkish designer Timur Bozca has designed around its helipad which sits on top of the vessel.

The length is 70 meters and guests can descend into the interior via a concealed lift. Relaxation space is abundant and 12 loungers are pictured on the aft deck.

There are Triangular windows in the hull and accommodation caters for up to 12 guests and is split across a master suite and six guest cabins.

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