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10 Ways Earth Could Be Wiped Out During Natural Disasters

Welcome Everyone we’re taking a look at 10 ways the earth could be wiped out through natural disasters including Asteroid strikes and a Super-volcanic Eruption.

10. Asteroids

Asteroids pose one of the greatest threats to our planet simply because we do not know how many of them are out there. Some of the largest near earth asteroids have only been discovered in the last few years.

One rouge asteroid that was luckily not a planet killer hit Russia and became known as the Chelyabinsk Event where a near earth asteroid flung a piece of rock into earth’s atmosphere and it exploded over Russia on Feb 15th 2013.

Its well documented that the planet has suffered more than several catastrophic events in the last few billion years with a few becoming extinction level events.

9. Super-volcanic Eruption 

Another event that has been proven to have happened more than once is the elusive super volcanic eruption.

These are larger than usual eruptions from volcanoes hidden beneath the earth’s surface and can be 1000’s of times bigger than a normal eruption.

The last earth shattering eruption from a super volcano was the Yellowstone eruption over 640,000 years ago. These types of eruptions cause mass extinctions through volcanic winters, lack of food and water and ash-fall.

8. Super Virus

There have been many films made about viruses that could wipe out the world however the actual possibility of a new virus strain infecting and wiping out earth’s population is actually quite real.

The spread of the Ebola virus in 2014 and 2015 in west Africa showed how devastating a virus can be if left unchecked and previous viruses such as the black death that wiped out large parts of Europe between 1347 and 1750.

Advancements in modern medicine, quarantine and the introduction of super drugs mean that a virus is much less likely to wipe out the planet any-time soon.

7. Alien Invasion

The threat of Alien Invasion on earth is always in the back of peoples minds. A race of super technologically advanced aliens shows up and blasts earth to pieces leaving no survivors.

In reality however it would be much harder for a race of aliens to destroy earth. Short of having some massive weapon like the death star in star wars, an alien race would have to perform a full ground invasion of the planet in order to wipe out the human race, and you know there’s going to be a resistance…

6. Black Hole

Were getting serious now, this is one of those rare moments when there is a good chance the whole planet would be torn to pieces and spaghettified.

Nothing can escape a black hole, not even light, however it is not 100% understood what’s on the other side of a black hole and some have led speculation that it is simply a way of crossing vast areas of space… lets not jump in and find out.

To give you an example of the pulling power of a black hole, if you were able to fly round the earth 9 times in 1 second, you still would not escape.

5. The Sun

This is not fiction its fact, the sun will one day destroy the earth and actually most of the solar system as well.

When the sun runs out of nuclear fuel in a few billion years it will begin to expand and die, at this point it will consume most of the inner planets and a few of the outer ones too, earth will be left a charred barren ruin before the sun retreats into a white dwarf, leaving darkness… thats it… total annihilation.

4. Comet

Much like asteroids comets pose a severe if not greater threat to earth. They can be much larger and much faster than asteroids as they use the sun to slingshot themselves around the galaxy.

Collision with earth would result in much the same problems that an asteroid would cause however if something large enough hit the earth it could alter our orbit, sending us hurtling out of the solar system, but humanity would be dead so what would we care.

3. Hyper-velocity Star

Imagine something the size of the sun hurtling through space at over 4000 km per second.

These stars have managed to escape the gravity of there solar systems and begin charging through space destroying everything in there path (within reason).  If one of these were to find its way into our solar system there would be colossal hell to pay.

Its not really worth thinking about to be honest.

2. Galactic Cannibalism

Another one of those one day it will happen moments, galactic cannibalism is a process where 2 galaxies physically eat each other.

Evidence of this has already been proven from other galaxies i the cosmos and it would appear that our milky way galaxy has been scheduled for dinner.

What you say? Yes, our closest neighbouring galaxy, Andromeda has lined us up for lunch, and it could even transform our sun into one of those hyper-velocity stars I was just talking about… yes our sun could just decide to simply piss off.

1. Magnetar

Ever heard of a neutron star? Well there’s a reason they have not appeared on our list. These things are the same however they emit electromagnetic radiation while travelling through space at insane speeds all the while looking like they are constantly in a state of supernova.

These things are neutron stars on steroids and the worst thing about them is they don’t have to be anywhere near our galaxy to cause problems.

In 2004 a magnetar blast struck earth from over 50,000 light-years away and destroyed several Russian satellites. Currently the nearest emitting magnetar is over 9000 light-years away and has not bothered us recently…YET

So Destroying the earth is harder than you may think, were talking about a ball of rock that weighs 5.9 Sextillion tons and has been around for 4.5 billion years give or take a few.

Got anymore interesting theories on how the earth could be wiped out? leave them down in the comments and I might reply!

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